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Whether you’re a wine connoisseur intending to store wine for decades or you collect wines as a hobby and drink them casually every weekend, you are probably thinking about installing a wine case for your wine collection. A well-fitted and properly installed wine case can both be practical in preserving the quality of your wine and it can be visually appealing too. It not only increases the value of your house but also draws the eyes of your guests, giving your house that “wow” factor.

Tips on How to Properly Store Wine

Before deciding on whether it’s time to invest in high-quality wine storage in your house it’s best to understand how to properly store wine, so you can make more informed decisions.

1. Keep the temperature steady.

To preserve the aroma and flavor of your wine, make sure to avoid fluctuating temperatures. It’s best to have wine storage in temperatures between 45°F to 65°F to avoid the risk of aging your wines quickly as a result of too hot temperatures or damaging the integrity of the cork and the bottle as a result of too cold temperatures.

2. Avoid harsh lights.

UV light from the sun and even bright fluorescent lights can make your wines age faster. So try to store your wines in the cellar away from direct sunlight. If you’re not planning on keeping your wines for years, storing them in a glass wine case in the house will be fine, as long as it is not directly under the sun, wine glasses are already tinted to prevent potential UV damage.

3. Check the humidity.

It’s best to keep the humidity level in your wine storage to make sure it is between 50 to 80 percent. Dry air can dry out the cork and let air in the bottle, while too humid conditions can cause mold to grow around the bottles and ruin labels.

4. Keep the bottles horizontal.

How to store wine in the wine storage? Store them on their sides is the best way. Not only does it save you space without looking too cramped, but it also prevents the cork from drying out ruining the quality, taste, and aroma.

5. Keep it stable.

An unstable wine case can be a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure your wine case is properly installed and placed where there are minimal vibrations, as constant and significant movement can cause chemical reactions in the bottle.

Why Use Glass for Your Wine Case

So you decided to get custom wine storage in your house, but you’re not sure if the glass wine case is the best choice for your house. Here are some of the reasons that might just convince you:

1. Glass is timeless.

Glass enclosure in wine cellars or glass case displayed in the middle of the house transcends time. It draws the eyes, making it a stand out functional piece that subtly invites any guest in and introduces an atmosphere of sophistication. Glass wine cases in the house exude timeless elegance that will go with any theme of the house’s interior design.

2. Glass wine case can upgrade a dull interior.

If you already have wine storage but you want to modernize the look of our interior, adding glass walls, doors or enclosures is just the touch of modern that you will need. Glass goes with any material and it can modernize an old-fashioned wine case. A classic rustic mahogany wine rack can look ultra-modern with glass enclosures that display both the wines and the elegant wood. Metal racks can look less industrial, and more residential, homey, and elegant with glass walls.

3. Glass allows visual access.

Since wines are sensitive to temperature changes, movement, light, and humidity having glass enclosures allow you to view your wines and choose the one you want without having to constantly open and close the doors of the enclosure.

4. Glass wine case can bring personality to a space.

Glass wine cases are no longer just for storage but it has become a beautiful statement of the homeowners’ love of wine and personality. An elegant glass wine enclosure can express contemporary elegance, or it can embrace traditional designs. The beauty of glass is that it can be a statement on its own, or it can amplify the style of its surroundings.

5. Glass is perfect for both passive and active wine storage.

Whether you’re artificially controlling the surroundings for long-term wine storage or you’re just looking to casually store your wines in the room, glass wine cases work well with both scenarios. With modern glass technology, design, and installation, the best Kelowna wine glass cases can help control the elements so you’ll have the optimal conditions for your wine storage.

With its versatility, timelessness, and extraordinary visual appeal, you can never go wrong with glass wine cases in your home or commercial space. If you’re wondering how to store wine using the best Kelowna wine glass case installation, visit our website to learn more.

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