Signs Your Home Needs Window Replacement

It is a common belief that glass window replacement is not that important, hence, it always falls last on the list of things to fix or replace in the house. Sturdy and high-quality windows can indeed last for years, even decades, without window replacement, but proper maintenance and prompt repairs are required.

For most homeowners, window replacement and glass updating only come to attention when the window is completely broken, but there are a lot of signs that you should look out for that tells you that it’s time to retire your old windows for new ones.

SIGN #1: The irregular temperature in the house

Feeling a sudden change in temperature in one of the rooms of your home may indicate a damaged or worn sealant or gasket, or maybe the windows were improperly installed, to begin with. Cracks on the glass are easily noticeable, but damages on the materials around the windows can be difficult to spot.

The irregular temperature in the house may also indicate poor insulation. Perhaps the window glass is single glazed which still allows significant heat transfer. Your heating system or air-conditioning may work extra hard to maintain the proper temperature that you are comfortable with, increasing energy consumption.

When you feel a draft of cold or hot air inside your house, even when all the windows are closed, it is time to call a trusted company that replaces windows.

SIGN #2: Dark and dull house

Lights are very powerful in creating a vibe of a place. Dark and dim houses or rooms can feel a little too constricting and dull, while bright rooms can create a more relaxed and positive atmosphere.

Natural light is an important element in making a house feel vibrant and happy, that’s why large and energy-efficient windows can instantly brighten up a house and the mood of the people living in it.

If you’re living in a dark house with small windows, chances are, you are consuming more electricity to brighten the place using artificial lights. Maybe it’s time to let the sunshine in and get glass updating.

SIGN #3: Difficulty in opening and closing windows

If opening and shutting your windows feel like a strenuous exercise, there’s something wrong with the window. They should be opened, shut, and locked with ease. Difficulty in movement may suggest that the mechanism may have some rust or the surrounding areas may have succumbed to wood rot. There may be a thick layer of paint that may be blocking the way, or the window lacks balance due to faulty installation.

These damages and defects can prevent your windows from locking properly, making your house an easy prey for opportunistic robbers. Immediate glass window replacement is necessary for these situations to restore the feeling of security while in your own house.

SIGN #4: Water damage and condensation

If your windows are leaking, you will notice signs of water damage such as chipped paint, wood rot, frame decay, cracks, and mold. You may also notice condensation and fogginess in between the panes of double or triple glazed windows. Faulty sealants, gaskets, and poor installation may be the cause of these water damages.

Letting these problems go on without fixing them may significantly damage your house’s structure and decrease the property value, so best to call a professional who replaces windows and get the extent of the damage assessed so they can do the necessary repairs or glass window replacement.

SIGN #5: Too much outside noise

Hearing the loud noise of cars and people outside can be uncomfortable especially if you’re trying to relax in your home. If the outside noise is too loud, your house may have single-pane windows that offer little soundproofing, or your sealants are defective.

Get glass window replacement and opt for energy-efficient triple-glazed windows that will help in reducing the noise, and it will also increase your privacy as it prevents your neighbors from hearing what goes on in your house.

Get Professional Glass Updating Service

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s time to call a professional company that replaces windows.

Despite the potential cost of the materials and the installation, you will be saving a lot in the long run, when you opt for energy-efficient windows. Not only do they elevate the style and sophistication of your house, but they will also help in making the house more sustainable, thus increase its property value. You’ll feel safer, more secure, and comfortable and you’ll enjoy more privacy with updated windows.

Glass Project Solutions and Window Renovations provides glass updating services and replaces windows that are damaged, failing, and dated with professionally installed modern, energy-efficient, and sustainable windows.

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