benefits of frameless shower door and enclosure

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. You spend a significant amount of time in it, especially for your daily shower routine. When installing your shower for the first time or remodeling your bathroom, shower design should be given attention for your maximum benefits and enjoyment. You want to make your shower area unique, space-efficient, and functional.

If you choose a glass shower option, you should first start to determine what the right type of glass shower is for you. There are two major designs you can choose from – frameless shower or framed shower.

Benefits of a Frameless Shower

If you haven’t decided yet whether or not to install frameless shower door and enclosure in your bathroom, here are some of the advantages that can convince you to do so.

1. It offers endless design possibilities.

Frameless showers are customisable and offer far more options in style and size. You are not limited to mass-produced standard sized doors, adding flexibility to your design. Whether yours is a small walk-in shower or an expansive spa shower, a frameless shower can be designed for it. Customisation is one of the biggest advantages of a no-frame shower over a framed shower.

2. It provides significantly more functional doors.

The door in a frameless shower can be opened in and out, unlike a framed shower door that is limited to outward opening.

3. It is relatively easy to clean.

Your frameless shower gives you the motivation to clean your bathroom regularly. Cleaning it is easy. Glass used in the shower is resistant to weathering. You need only to use a squeegee for the glass door and walls before proceeding to clean the floor.

4. The bathroom feels brighter, lighter, and more spacious.

The natural light that a frameless shower reflects gives the appearance of a larger and more expansive bathroom area. The absence of a frame that can cut off your sightlines will let you have a sense that the area is larger. The flow of natural light into your bathroom space can also improve visibility and help make your bathroom look clean and updated.

5. It provides the shower a clean, fresh look.

On a frameless shower, there is no unsightly rubber, metal or other forms of seal you will normally find on bulky looking framed shower.

6. It minimizes mold risks.

Since there are no door seals in a frameless shower door where water and soap can settle, the risk of mold build-up and mildew formation is minimised.

7. It is aesthetically appealing.

For people who go for a modern minimalist design option in their homes, frameless showers are a favorite. They are not as bulky as framed showers and do not have the cluttered look from a shower door with metal or rubber seals. They add a luxurious touch to your home’s overall aesthetic. Frameless shower doors are also classy and have a timeless quality that will be in style for many decades to come.

8. Finally, it increases the value of your property.

The bathroom along with the kitchen are the primary focus of potential home buyers. These two areas can significantly affect the assessment of a home’s value. Having a modern elegant frameless shower can be a great boost when your home is being valuated.

Disadvantages of a Frameless Shower

Even with many benefits from a frameless shower, you need to be aware of its disadvantages as well to guide you in your choice of shower style.

1. It costs more.

The initial cost of a no frame shower can be 4 to 9 times more expensive than its framed counterpart. The significant cost difference comes from the thicker glass used that is required to make the frameless door more stable without the sturdiness of a frame.

10 mm shower glass (or its 3/8” equivalent) and 1/2″ shower glass is typically used for no frame shower designs. 10 mm shower glass is the minimum thickness that can be used for a stable and structural sound glass shower door. Thicker glass is more expensive, the reason 10mm shower glass is a more popular choice among homeowners who prefer a no frame shower.

Another reason for its higher cost is the sturdier hardware required to have frameless shower doors in place such as solid brass.

2. It may sacrifice function.

A no frame shower doesn’t have seals around its door to bind it with the shower wall and floor as leak prevention. When not cut to a perfect fit, there could be gaps between the door and other areas of the shower. This can allow water to leak onto the floor. In some cases, the problem is caused by a wrong design such as the showerhead aimed at the door instead of installing it at a wall away from the door.

3. It offers less privacy.

With transparent glass walls, frameless showers can be a bit revealing especially for families sharing their bathroom space. For a little more privacy, you can opt for a frosted glass that can also offer the same modern open feel.

If you are a homeowner who is looking for impressive and inspiring ways to improve your home, particularly your bathroom, a frameless glass shower is a great solution. You get many benefits with your investment.

To ensure a design that will work best, it is wise to involve as early as possible a professional glass installation service provider. You may call Glass Project Solutions for a free consultation. We are glass experts with over 15 years of experience in the design and installation of glass structures including glass showers and enclosures. We serve Kelowna and surrounding areas.

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