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Glass Project Solutions is your go-to supplier of high-quality home appliances in Kelowna and nearby areas. We do more than just supply the appliances for you, we extend our services to appliance installation so all you do is sit back and wait. Our credibility is most important to us, that’s why we only work with the biggest brands in home appliances because we never compromise on quality. From kitchen appliances to bathrooms and bedrooms, we can supply anything that you need.

We take pride in the quality of service we give our customers because we don’t mind going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Whether you’re changing a few old appliances or sourcing for a whole fleet for your new home, we have it here.

Household appliances make everyday living easy. But they can’t stick around for too long. The mechanical and electronic parts of the appliances get worn out over time which makes them prone to overheating. Additionally, old home appliances are less efficient, so it consumes more energy which makes your bills go higher. Home appliances should only service for 5 years and then they would need to be replaced. Routinely changing your home appliances optimizes living and makes your home more economical on energy and water consumption. It also reduces home hazards that could result from faulty wiring and overheating of overly worn-out appliance parts.

An appliance supply gives you the convenience of choosing home appliances in just one setting. You do not have to drive around looking for every appliance that you need because everything you’re looking for is just in one spot. You also get value-added service when you source your home appliances from us. We do more than just supply the appliance to you, we also do the installation to ensure all safety standards are met. Our commitment to high-quality service makes us the best. So, only trust us for all your appliance needs, whether it’s for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or home in general.

Inclusions in Our
Appliance Supply & Installation Services


The fridge is a key component of the kitchen. So, choosing a good one and installing it correctly is a crucial task for every homeowner. Fridge installation is our forte. Our skilled craftsmen strategically choose the spot for your fridge and install it seamlessly to achieve an efficient kitchen setup.


The freezer is a very important appliance, especially in commercial kitchens. Installing a new one should only be done by professionals who know what they are doing. Incorrect installation methods can only damage expensive freezers and it could affect the overall functionality of the appliance.


Modern kitchens seamlessly integrate the range with the countertop and kitchen cabinets. Installing a range like this can only be achieved with skilled hands who are experienced in installing kitchen ranges. Whether you’re going for a built-in range, freestanding, or under-the-counter, we can get it beautifully done.


Cooktop is the new cooking appliance of choice for many homeowners. Its versatility makes it perfect for modern kitchens especially those with a small area. Your cooktop should only be installed by kitchen experts who ensure kitchen safety above all. Incorrect installation of the cooktop causes a serious kitchen hazard which could lead to a kitchen fire.


Installing the microwave may feel like a task that you can do on your own. But if you want to achieve an efficient kitchen setup, let the professionals handle it. We carefully plan the placement of the microwave to allow ease of access. We also ensure the wiring is installed correctly so you don’t encounter problems along the way.


The dishwasher should be strategically placed in the kitchen and installing it is quite a lot of work. When installing the dishwasher, the water source as well as the electric connection should be carefully considered. The plumbing will also be checked to ensure that it’s compatible with the dishwasher’s requirements. We correctly install dishwashers to avoid leaks and electrical issues that could potentially damage the machine.

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Why Choose Glass Project Solutions?

Experienced Precision Craftsmanship

Glass Project Solutions supplies the best home appliances that are proven to last for many years in service. We install appliances that meet design, aesthetic, and safety requirements. Our experienced precision craftsmanship makes us experts in designing efficient layouts that optimize appliance functionality. Over the years, we have worked with residential and commercial clients in West Kelowna and nearby areas, providing them with exceptional service that’s beyond compare.

Professional Appliance Installations

Home appliances are tricky to install, so they should only be worked on by professional hands. Professional appliance installation is our field of expertise. At Glass Project Solutions, you are sure the area is inspected for safety and compatibility before the appliance is set in place. We don’t do shortcuts because we follow appliance installation standards to ensure all safety requirements are met.

Need Our Expertise in Appliance Supply & Installation?

Glass Project Solutions is the ultimate appliance installer in West Kelowna, Summerland, Vernon, and surrounding areas. We have partnered with residential and commercial clients in the last 25 years so we are confident in handling installation projects because we are equipped with valuable skills and experience. With us, you are sure that your appliances are installed beautifully and seamlessly while adhering to safety requirements. Trust us for your appliance supply and installation needs.