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The bathroom is more than just for bathing and personal hygiene. It’s your personal space, tucked in the comfort and safety of your own home. A bathroom renovation is one of the favorite upgrades of homeowners because of how good they feel when using a clean and newly renovated bath. At Glass Project Solutions, we do more than just fix a bathroom’s broken glass window. We create stunningly beautiful bathrooms that exceed our client’s expectations. Building a new bathroom from the ground up is also our expertise.

Our team can deliver anything, from simple touch-ups to a grand bathroom upgrade. We understand that the bathroom is your personal space in your home, and that’s why we make sure it’s precisely done according to your specifications.

Bathroom renovation is the process of changing minor components of a bath area to meet changes in aesthetic preference and functionality requirements of the homeowner. It’s one of the most looked forward upgrades because it does not only make homeowners feel good, but it also makes the home more salable. An average bathroom renovation includes common bathroom services such as sink, tub, showerhead, and toilet replacement. Bigger bathroom projects can also include replacing outdated fixtures with modern and more efficient ones that could save electricity and water in the long run. Renovating your bathroom improves the functionality of the space. It also gives you the chance to check for safety hazards, so it is safe for everyone living in the home.

Building a new bathroom is a bigger undertaking because it involves major construction work. When building a new bathroom, you’d likely have to take down walls and redesign the whole layout of the space. Unlike bathroom renovation, you are not just updating outdated fixtures, you are building a new one from the rubble. If your existing bathroom has not been touched for decades, it’s about time to consider demolishing the old one to make room for the modern bath you deserve.

Inclusions in Our
Bathroom Renovation Services


Old and outdated bathtubs are not only unsanitary, but they’re also slippery and unsafe to use. Replacing an old tub requires mastery, skill, and precise craftsmanship to achieve seamless installation. We’ll help you choose a bathtub suitable for your bathroom’s layout and efficiently install it to suit your bathing needs.


The toilet is the most underrated and overused fixture in the bathroom. Beautiful bathrooms should have stunningly stylish toilets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also efficiently working. Expert bathroom renovators will help you choose the right toilet that suits your needs in terms of design and functionality.


Modern showers offer water and energy-saving benefits. If your current one has not been renovated for at least a decade, getting it replaced with modern ones will save you lots of cash from water and electricity bills. Our experts in bathroom renovation will help you decide on cost-efficient showers for your bathroom.

Tiles and Flooring

Tiles come in many different sizes, styles, designs, and materials. Our team’s creative eyes will help you choose the type and design of tiles that are most suitable for your bathroom while also considering your personality and lifestyle. We work with expert tile setters to ensure the tiles are properly set so they withstand the test of time.

Vanity and Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are not just for hiding ugly under-sink pipes. They should be spacious and optimized for storing toiletries, towels, rugs, and household cleaning products. We creatively design custom bathroom cabinets that are not just classy but also give you more space for storage.


Mirrors create beautiful illusions of the bathroom space when creatively positioned. If you’re trying to achieve a bigger bathroom look, we’ll help you design the placement of mirrors in the bath to achieve stunningly elegant, magazine-worthy results.

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Experienced Precision Craftsmanship

Beautiful bathroom makeovers don’t happen by chance or luck. They’re a product of mastery, skillfulness, experience, and precision craftsmanship. Here at Glass Project Solutions, we only work with a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen who are committed to delivering outstanding bathroom results. We are experienced in renovating all aspects of the bathroom from tiling work to custom cabinetry, plumbing, and electrical.

Professional Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom renovation could go wrong for so many reasons. That’s why you should only work with professionals who are highly skilled in renovating bathrooms. Whether you’re planning a simple bathroom refresh or a complete overhaul, hiring professionals will save you time and spare you from headaches. Renovating the bathrooms of happy homeowners in Kelowna and surrounding areas for the last 25 years made us the most trusted name in the industry.

Need Our Expertise in Bathroom Renovations & New Bathrooms?

Glass Project Solutions provides superior bathroom renovation in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Summerland, Lake Country, Vernon, and other nearby areas. We build stunning bathrooms that are suited to your functional needs and design preferences. Every aspect is carefully considered to ensure safety, efficiency, and overall aesthetic appeal. When it’s time to give that old bathroom a revamp, turn to the experts, and create a magazine-worthy space from an outdated and moldy bath.