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As the name implies, a commercial door is a special one designed for commercial settings. It has to be durable and able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily use. Commercial doors are usually made of metal or wood, but some types are made of glass or acrylic.

Commercial doors come in different types and styles. But, the most common ones are storefront doors, commercial glass doors, aluminum doors, and sliding doors. They are often made of stainless steel and have an aluminum finish to avoid rusting or corrosion. Commercial doors also come with various locks, hinges, and handles that you can customize to fit your business establishment’s needs.

The main purpose of a commercial door is to protect your business. It keeps people from entering or leaving your building without permission, and it helps keep your business safe from intruders. Being the first line of defense for your business, a commercial door should be durable and should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear as well as intentional damage caused by perpetrators. So when you’re planning to have a commercial door installed, never compromise on the quality.

Different Types Of Commercial Doors

Storefront Doors

One of the most common types of commercial doors is the storefront door. It’s the main entrance to your business establishment. They can be made of different materials but the most common ones are metal, wood, and glass. There are also three main types of commercial storefront doors, they are narrow stile doors, medium stile doors, and wide stile doors. The storefront door is the most visible part of any business establishment, and it’s the first thing people see when they come to visit. So, if you want to make a good first impression on your customers, make sure your storefront door is beautifully done.

Commercial Glass Doors

Commercial glass doors are the kind of doors used in commercial establishments, institutions, public spaces, and buildings. These doors are typically made out of the glass with a sturdy aluminum frame around them. The frame used in a commercial glass door is usually made of aluminum. Although some would prefer to use other materials for the frame such as stainless steel and carbon steel. Commercial glass doors are often used as entrances for businesses, and they can also be used to separate different areas within the same floor of a building.

Aluminum Doors

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient door for your business, aluminum doors are the right choice. Aluminum is the perfect option for exterior doors because it’s light and strong, so it won’t warp or crack when exposed to outdoor elements, especially direct sunlight. It’s a practical choice for a commercial door because it does not rust or corrode like steel. And, because aluminum is lighter than steel, the aluminum door is easier to install so it’s cheaper. This door type also requires less maintenance and does not need painting or coating.

Commercial Sliding Doors

Commercial sliding doors are the type of doors that has track and rollers. They are typically used in commercial buildings, as well as other types of institutions such as schools, hospitals, public libraries, and hotels. This type of door has a classy aesthetic appeal that’s why it’s the top door choice for offices. Because of its design, the sliding door does not need too much space, making it a practical door option for tiny rooms. The commercial sliding door offers privacy while allowing light into the room. This makes them an excellent choice for meeting rooms or other areas where privacy is important but natural light is also needed.

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Glass Project Solutions has been providing efficient and beautiful front-entry solutions to businesses in all industries for over 25 years. We employ a highly skilled and knowledgeable design team to help you choose the best commercial doors for your business. Our installers are expert door craftsmen, which is why we guarantee quality workmanship on every job we undertake. Combined experience and expertise and state-of-the-art materials make Glass Project Solutions the most reliable service provider for all your front commercial door needs.

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Glass Project Solutions is here to help you with your commercial door installation needs in Kelowna, Vernon, Summerland, and surrounding areas. We work hard to improve our craft and bring you only the best commercial door solutions that meet the demands of your business space. Professional customer service and cost-effective solutions make us the best in commercial door installation. Get expert advice and quality results on your door needs—whether it’s for a storefront door, commercial glass door, aluminum door, or sliding door.

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