commercial glass for your store

Your storefront speaks well of your business. Professionally designed and installed storefront windows can help increase customer traffic to your commercial establishment and boost sales. They make a great marketing tool to attract people for the products or services you offer.

Don’t let customers shy away from old, damaged, and shabby storefront windows and storefront doors. It is important to know the best commercial glass to design your store with and employ the professional services of expert glass installers for your commercial windows.

Benefits of Glass Commercial Windows

You have all the good reasons to use commercial glass for your store.

1. It enables people to see your merchandise without the need to enter the shop.

Their busy schedule would not normally allow people to enter your store just to browse the products you sell. You can take advantage of your transparent glass storefronts to display your bestsellers to passersby and window shoppers to entice them to buy or return to go check your products.

2. It is more versatile in terms of design.

Commercial windows made of glass allow you to change your display with the seasons. It is easier to promote your merchandise that is suited to the occasions. Summer, autumn, or winter sales are more conveniently promoted through your glass window displays. So are your promos during special times of the year, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Mothers’ Day.

3. Glass is generally more visually appealing.

The use of high-quality commercial glass can make your store look clean, organized, and your business reputable. The modern appeal of glass in a store is lasting so you can continue to use your windows time and again while you regularly adopt a different, interesting look or theme for your shop.

You can also make use of digital signage displayed on your storefront doors or windows using them to inform the customer of your store hours, announce specials, and promotional sales.

4. Customers feel more comfortable to stay inside glass stores.

Even when you have very interesting products to sell but your store is not quite comfortable, you will not generate sales. Customers love to stay inside cozy shops with a well-controlled and maintained environment. Whether it is searing hot in summer or cold in winter outside, people will stay in your store longer. You get more opportunities for a sale.

5. It improves the ambience of the store.

Customers prefer to stay inside a store with a nice ambience where they feel warm and inviting. Glass permits natural light to enter, improving the atmosphere. A positive ambience doesn’t just have an impact on the customers but on the employees as well, who are inspired to be productive all day.

6. It conveys a positive image of the business to people.

Glass projects a lot of positive images including transparency, peace, and trust among people. To the customers, glass connotes an openness and cordial atmosphere where everyone who enters feels welcome.

7. It provides a feeling of being secure to customers.

Aside from people being aware that modern commercial glass being durable and strong can provide them enough protection, they also feel secure being inside a store that is visible from the outside. The chances of a violent criminal incident happening are minimized.

Different Types of Glass for Commercial Uses

Glass has been a proven solution for home and commercial applications for quite a long time because of the safety and security they provide and their elegant look. There are three major types of glass – plate glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass. Let’s look at their differences, characteristics, and pros and cons.

Plate Glass

Plate glass also called float glass, offers protection from the elements but minimal physical security. It breaks when subjected to accidental impacts. The most commonly used glass, it is usually annealed for extra strength, heat resistance, and improved durability to meet different application requirements. It is made from liquid glass by casting it on a solid plate through rolling processes to produce flat glass.

Plate glass is very brittle and can cause serious injuries from its broken shards when shattered. It is mostly used to make windows, in the manufacturing of mirrors, glass tables, and other applications requiring flat glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered or safety glass is recommended for safety purposes. Manufactured by the use of thermal or chemical treatment processes, its strength is increased about four times compared to the standard plate glass. Tempered glass fractures into small pieces when it breaks, making them relatively harmless. It is used in both residential and commercial applications such as in shower doors, motor vehicle windows, and architectural glass structures, including storefront windows and storefront doors, and other applications.

Laminated Glass

A near-perfect safety and commercial security solution, laminated glass tends to remain intact when shattered, protecting interiors from flying glass and projectiles and other damage. Its panes are held in place by the interlayer, which is typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Because of its strength and safety features, laminated glass is preferred for applications such as commercial windows requiring resistance to strong impact, explosions, forced entry, and other unforeseen serious events.

Depending on the security level and other requirements of your store, both tempered and laminated glass may be suitable for your storefront windows and storefront doors.

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