Difference Between Frameless Shower Doors and Sliding Shower Doors

Showers are the most important part of a bathroom since they raise a property value and increase the room’s functionality. A shower door is a major undeniable part of the bathroom that attracts different types of customers with varying needs.
While there are many styles and configurations of glass shower doors available in Kelowna, they are generally characterized as framed and frameless shower glass doors. Below are the differences between framed and frameless shower glass doors and between frameless shower doors and sliding shower doors.

Frameless Shower Doors

Recently, frameless shower doors have explored in popularity among homeowners chasing value and style. With zero obtrusive metal frame surrounding the grass, a frameless shower door gives an elegant appearance.
Regardless of how elegant they appear, frameless shower doors are difficult to install. Unlike a framed door, a frameless shower door lacks many mounting options. However, a few frameless shower door setups will need a bar across the top of the doors to slide on. Others will mount to the wall using hinges and devoid of any metal except hinges and handles.

Different types of frameless shower doors include;

1. Sliding Frameless Shower Door
A sliding frameless shower door features a single rail along that the top of the doors will hang on. The single rail allows them to slide past each other so that you can open either the left or right side of the doors. Sliding frameless doors also require a mounting system on them, increasing the amount of metal used generally.

2. Hinged Frameless Doors
The doors feature the least metal and most glass construction of any shower door. This is because they only need the support of the floor and two hinges. One glass panel will be a dead panel, meaning it is permanently installed and doesn’t open. The other panel will be a glass panel door mounted directly to the tile with two hinges. This door style provides the most open viewing experience, showing off the custom tile behind. Generally, frameless shower doors can be sliding or hinged shower doors, almost like framed shower doors.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors provide a utilitarian approach if you need a more cost-effective way to enter and exit your showers. This does not imply that the framed shower doors offer no aesthetic value. Some of the framed shower doors are nearly as attractive as the more expensive frameless versions.
Unlike frameless shower doors, framed doors are much cheaper and easier to install. Luckily they are also is to perform a DIY installation of the doors, which saves you money on labor costs.
Framed shower doors feature a metal frame around the whole door’s perimeter that the glass panels fit in. This provides strength and stability at an affordable price since you don’t require complex mounting systems. It also means less chance of damaging your tiles during installation.

Framed shower doors are categorized into;

1. Sliding Framed Doors
The doors feature two glass panels moving independently. They allow entry on both the left and right sides. The glass tucks into a small metal frame on all four sides of the shower. Thus, it becomes easier to install than a frameless sliding door with only a single rail for the doors to be mounted on.

2. Hinged Framed Door
Framed shower doors that pivot will feature one immovable glass panel and a single hinged door. Additionally, a small metal frame surrounds the entire door, and the pivoting panel seals up to the frame. Hinged framed doors are among the easiest to install shower doors, meaning you can attempt it yourself and save lots of money.

Which is the Best Choice Between Frameless and Sliding Shower Doors?

When it comes down to choosing the two, various factors can help you make an informed decision, including your budget, aesthetic values, and ease of installation, among others. However, what is the difference between frameless shower doors and sliding shower doors? Frameless shower doors use heavier glass which requires no metal support. However, a framed sliding door is made with less heavy glass, meaning it will need plenty of metal support. Framed sliding doors are harder to clean, thanks to the framing, which is a mold breeding ground. Opening Motion As the name implies, sliding shower doors open by a sliding motion. One glass panel slides over the other, giving you two different points of entry. On the other hand, frameless shower doors feature different opening movements. While most experts insist that you cannot have a frameless sliding door, advanced modern designs have made it practically possible. A frameless door can open by sliding or hinges. However, hinged frameless shower doors tend to be more common. Aesthetic Appeal A frameless shower door is purely glass with minimal functional additions such as handles. Therefore, if you are fascinated by glass fitting, a frameless shower door offers a better aesthetic appeal than framed sliding doors. Framed sliding doors aren’t relatively as modern as frameless shower doors. Additionally, a framed sliding door does not offer a clear, unobstructed view of the surrounding area as the frameless shower door does. Price and Installation Ease A frameless shower door is generally more expensive than a framed sliding door. It requires stronger tools to create, and its glass is thicker. The installation of frameless shower doors may be labor-intensive than a framed shower door. This is because the clips used to attach the door need to be perfectly level to avoid the heavy door from sagging over time. Framed sliding doors are easier to install since the glass is thinner and the door is less bulky. The cost of both shower door types varies heavily based on whether the product is stock or custom, the door’s height, the door’s size, and the glass type. Since the doors are configured differently, it can be overwhelming to get an exact comparison for costs. Bottom Line Generally, a frameless shower door differs from a sliding shower door in the build and design. A frameless door has minimal obstructions, unlike a framed sliding door. Luckily, if you prefer a sliding door, there are many design options to help you customize your bathroom design. Talk to a professional bathroom door installation expert in Kelowna to help you choose the most appropriate shower door for your bathroom.

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