Kelowna Glass Office Cubicles

Time was when most offices were walled with all opaque materials such as wood, drywall, or other synthetic board materials for complete privacy. When the concept of open office policy was introduced, it paved the way for the introduction of cubicle-free offices for supposedly a more collaborating environment but it had its downsides. The noise was uncontrolled with employees with execution-based tasks unnecessarily distracted. Thus, the cubicles returned. Glass office cubicles provide a good balance of privacy, an open office atmosphere, and task focus. Glass office cubicle installation demands the skills and experience of glass professionals.

Top Reasons Why You Need Glass Office Cubicles in your workplace

If you’re still on the fence on what type of partition to use for your office building in Kelowna, glass office cubicles might be the right way to go for your property. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider it for your company.

Glass cubicles increases productivity. Compared to walls, glass cubicles or offices are more likely to create an interactive and lively ambiance in the workplace. The transparency of glass encourages communication while discouraging procrastination and laziness.

Glass cubicles decrease auditory distractions. As opposed to open floor plan offices, glass partitions are an excellent way to reduce noise and distractions. Most glass offices are soundproofed, so employees can still see each other, but are less distracted by the noise from other stations.

Glass cubicles provide privacy. If you’re concerned about the privacy of the employees, countless options still provide the atmosphere of collaboration, productivity, and interactivity but give the employees more privacy. Try frosted, tinted, or etched design glass partitions.

Kelowna glass office cubicles provide a modern look to an otherwise outdated office building. It also fosters a bright and light atmosphere that makes employees feel more at ease and less anxious.

Why Install Kelowna Glass Office Cubicles in Your Building

If you’re a property owner trying to rent out an office space on your commercial property in Kelowna, glass office cubicles might increase your chances of getting a better rate and lease length for your space as you can attract higher quality tenants. Other than that, getting glass partitions installed on your office space for rent is beneficial for you as the property owner. Here’s why:

Easy to install. Our Kelowna glass office cubicle installation service offers a great amount of flexibility. They are a lot easier and quicker to install than walls. You can also account for the company’s needs by adding more partitions easily and quickly when the need arises.

Needs minimal maintenance. You wouldn’t have to worry about dirty walls and having to arrange to repaint. Our Kelowna glass office cubicles are so easy to clean. Just wipe them down occasionally, and you’ll get a clean and bright space.

Improves energy efficiency. Transparent partitions let more natural light in which instantly gives your space a brighter look and feel. You’ll have less need for artificial lighting and they also serve to help keep the temperature consistent within the space. You can save a lot on electricity in the long run with glass partitions rather than solid walls.

Increases aesthetic appeal. Get the sophisticated, and professional look that most companies look for. With Kelowna glass office cubicles, your space can easily attract potential tenants with its modernity and elegance.

Increases the value of your commercial space. Glass partitions are durable and they do not cost as much as putting in traditional walls. They make the space look more open and elegant, whilst keeping the costs of maintenance. Installation, and remodeling at a minimum.

Whether you’re renting out an office space or you’re the owner of the space where your company is headquartered in Kelowna, glass office cubicles are the perfect partition for your workspace. You’ll benefit from getting flexible, affordable, long-lasting, and aesthetic Kelowna glass office cubicles.

Professional Glass Specialists in Kelowna

Let Glass Project Solutions install your glass office cubicles. Glass experts with over 15 years of professional glass experience, glass office installations are one of our service specializations. We are based in Kelowna and provide service for business owners and homeowners of the city and the surrounding areas of West Kelowna, Summerland, Lake Country, Vernon, and Penticton.

We employ some of the best professionals in the glass business with decades of hands-on involvement in office projects that require the installation of glass walls, glass rooms, and glass doors. Fully licensed, insured, and bonded, our personnel are efficient, friendly, and can work professionally without needing your strict supervision. We use glass of the highest quality, high-tech tools and equipment, and advanced installation techniques in our job that will result in the creation of a safe and neat office conducive to business.

Our Kelowna Glass Office Cubicle Installation Service

Glass Cubicles

We can install cubicles designed with glass walls that are floor-to-ceiling, or half wall or low wall glass cubicles depending on your design preference and budget. Glass cubicles utilize glass walls as partitions for your employees or workstations. They provide a modern office look, enough isolation for individual workers while allowing opportunities for collaboration.

Glass Offices

We design and install fully enclosed glass rooms for offices or meeting rooms complete with glass doors and partition walls. Their modern sleek design can inspire and bring out employees’ creativity boosting their productivity.

The glass we install for your glass offices and cubicles, including glass doors can have a customized design, laminated, clear tempered, and frosted finish options. We have glass thickness ranges of 3/8” to 1/2”.

We coordinate and regularly communicate our installation activities to ensure they will not get in the way of your normal office work.

Go for glass for a highly functional, modern, and elegant office that enhances its aesthetics and boosts employee productivity. Call Glass Project Solutions, the glass experts, for the successful execution of your glass office project. We provide a free estimate and quote.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for Your Kelowna Glass Office Cubicle Needs?

For your commercial property or office space in Kelowna, glass office cubicle installation is something you should consider. If you’re looking to upgrade your workspace into an elegant, bright, and productive space by installing Kelowna glass office cubicles, Glass Project Solutions offers the best experience and outcome you can imagine. Here are the reasons why:

We boast of expertise in glass workmanship.
We’ve been in the glass installation industry for decades and we know exactly how to handle and install your Kelowna glass office cubicles. We source only the finest materials to ensure your glass installation will last for years without worrying about repairs or replacements.

We are professional workers.
Our installers are highly trained and certified with years of experience under their belts. All our staff abide by our values of professionalism, respect, and integrity in all phases of the project.

We undertake honest transactions.
You know exactly what you’re paying for. Our detailed and itemized quotes will ensure that everything is within your budget.

We offer unparalleled satisfaction to clients.
Coordination with our clients is one of our top priorities so we’ll know exactly how you want your Kelowna glass office cubicles to turn out. You’ll always be well informed about the timeline and the outcome. Just check the hundreds of positive reviews about our work.

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We specialize in glass and we do so much more than glass cubicle installation. If you want the best outcome for your glass installations, Glass Project Solutions is the most trusted name in Kelowna.