There are a multitude of options when it comes to renovating your home, but one finishing touch that’s not often considered (but should be) are railings. Glass railing installation in Kelowna is a popular choice for many modern homes as glass railings offer many benefits and a sleek, trendy look compared to others.

Below are just a few of the reasons to consider installing glass railings in particular.

1. Installing Glass Railings in Kelowna is Simple and Easy

Unlike wood railings, glass railings come in only a few pieces – sometimes only 2 parts – making setup for them a breeze. Typically, they are made up of a series of glass panels and railing components although there may be other specific parts involved to put them together depending on the type of railing. Compared to other types though, glass railings have few parts to put together.

Because of this, they require minimal time to install, thus reducing costs.


Glass railing installed on staircase

2. Glass Railings Are Easy to Maintain

Wood and metal railings often require additional treatment and maintenance over their lifespan and can be difficult to buff out or fix scratches or dings. Conversely, glass is easy to clean in just a few minutes and can be polished to fix any scratches

Glass also doesn’t require additional layers of paint over its lifetime or additional staining. Plus, glass won’t get rust, mould, or rot, so it’s sure to last you many years.

3. Glass Railings Are Durable and Safe

As we mentioned above, glass isn’t prone to many of the issues that can plague other kinds of railings, especially if they are installed outdoors. Since they don’t have open sections or slats, children can’t fall through or get stuck and they are often difficult for children to climb on as well.

One common worry people have is that the glass will break or shatter, but safety-tempered glass does neither of those things. Properly treated glass railings also don’t crack, even when exposed to harsh temperatures.


Glass railing on deck

4. Unobstructed View

If your veranda, patio, or deck looks out onto a view, glass railings are a superb way to ensure that the view is preserved or otherwise unobstructed. Almost all of these deck glass railings are usually transparent, meaning you and your guests will enjoy an amazing vantage point from your custom deck in Kelowna.

Having an unobstructed view also means keeping an eye on things, especially if you have kids within the house. You can check what is happening downstairs without having to compromise your comfort.

5. Design Versatility

We can provide you with a wide range of designs for your customized glass railings. Due to its transparent nature, it is among the only deck railing methods that integrate various design elements without appearing cluttered.

This allows you more options and versatility when it comes to the design of outdoor spaces.

Glass railing on residential staircase

6. High Visual Appeal

Deck glass railings provide a clean contemporary appearance to defeat any ordinary deck railing system. Glass railings can also fit into any sort of theme you desire. They can look antique or traditional, like with an old-world Tuscan theme. Alternatively, they can also look modern and contemporary with the right designs.

Many high-end properties in Kelowna have these glass railings, which add a taste of elegance and luxury to the overall home design.

7. Glass Railings Create a Solid Wall Structure

Unlike other deck railing systems, deck glass railings create a solid wall or barrier between the surface below and the glass balusters or wood deck posts. As such, if your home has a raised deck or screened porch, our glass railing installation experts in Kelowna will use only high-grade glass decking products. These high-quality products will minimize the chance of losing small objects over the edge of the railings.

Glass railings are also solid pieces of thick, tempered glass with no space between them, making them safer for homes with children or pets. Its solid nature helps avoid horrifying events such as a kid’s head getting stuck between the railings.

Outdoor glass railing

8. Glass Railings Are Resilient and Resistant

Wood needs regular protection with paint, sealant, and other methods to avoid rotting. However, you do not have any of this issue with glass or the metal brackets that hold the glass railings into place, which are usually powder coated and rarely chip or dust due to weather changes.

Moreover, wood is more susceptible to things like mildew or mould, and especially to fire. However, the glass railing and metal brackets holding them are immune to these dangers. With glass railings, you will not have to worry about warping or termite damage.

Commercial glass railing on staircase

Why Glass Project Solutions is the Perfect Choice for Residential or Commercial Glass Railings

Glass Project Solutions and Window Renovation is the leading glass railings expert in Kelowna. We provide our discerning clients with the best installation and maintenance services. Here are reasons you should hire our glass railings experts for your next glass railing installation project. We have a professionally trained team of glass railing experts who implement their expert knowledge and the best tools to ensure you get a proper glass railing installation.

We understand your need to keep up with the latest trends in the market. The home improvement industry is constantly improving with the introduction of new trends. Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have installed almost all types and designs of railings systems. We know what works for all kinds of properties and what homeowners are currently talking about. We can come to your home to understand your needs up close before starting the project. Our deck railing experts will ensure you get a customized glass deck railing specified to your needs.

We ensure that every home gets the best quality glass railing installed. We have partnered with a few industry-leading glass manufacturers who provide absolute quality in the glass. Rest assured, we will install the best alternative to ensure a durable, resilient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing glass railing system.

Overall, glass railings make an excellent addition to any home. Their clean, modern design suits many modern houses and properties perfectly.

Considering glass railings for your home? Contact us today to learn more!

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