Glass Railings

If your house is located in a place with a scenic view outside such as a waterfront, green plains, and mountains or hills, you may be disappointed that your view from inside your house is being obstructed because of the installed opaque balcony railings such as wood or steel. While these types of railings are strong and safe protection, you are missing a lot with them. Glass railings are your options. You can continuously get inspired by the outdoor panoramic view through your house interior with railing glass that is transparent, clear, and smooth.

Railing glass is as useful when installed with your patio railings and porch or deck railings. Your glass patio railings and deck railings can likewise offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings making your coffee, relaxation, or family social time even more enjoyable. Glass railings are also frequently used in modern homes and buildings in stairs and escalators. Glass railings installation presents technical challenges and only a professional glass company should be assigned the critical railings design and installation job.

Why Kelowna Homeowners Choose Glass for their Railings

If you’re thinking of ways to update the look of your home in Kelowna, glass railings can instantly modernize your property’s look without changing much of your interior. Here are some reasons why most homeowners are opting to use glass for their railings.

Glass railings are low maintenance.
Unlike other materials like wood and metal, glass railings are so easy to clean, just use a window cleaner occasionally and your home will look good as new. Other materials are prone to showing signs of wear, rot, dust, mold, termites, and other insects.

Glass railings are safe.
Glass railings are not only beautiful and durable, but they also pose minimal to zero risk for kids and pets. They have no slits or openings, which minimizes the risk of getting stuck, falling through, or falling over. Our Kelowna glass railings use safety-tempered glass panels that do not shatter or break into sharp pieces.

Glass railings are cheaper in the long run.
You may be saving on some cash when you opt for cheaper railing alternatives, but you may spend more when repainting, replacing, and repairing certain parts regularly. Kelowna glass railings are durable and can last for years without needing to be replaced.

Glass railings elevate your home’s look.
Glass railings just look good and they never go out of style. The transparency makes your staircases or hallways look more spacious and they let a lot of natural light in, making the space look more luxurious.

Glass railings increase your property value.
If you’re looking to sell your property in Kelowna, glass railings can help you get your asking price. They attract buyers because of their natural elegance while providing efficient functionality.

Glass railings provide you with a lot of options for customization; they are also the more sustainable choice for any property as glass is recyclable unlike wood and certain forms of metal

Things to Consider Before Getting Glass Railings

Before going for any type of railing for your property in Kelowna, glass railings can give you the best value for your money. Here are the things you need to consider before choosing your glass railings:

Type of Glass Railings
There are several systems that you need to consider when getting your property in Kelowna glass railings. See which type fits the overall theme of your home before deciding.

Building Code
Different areas have varying local building codes for safety. Make sure to know and consider what is acceptable in your area before getting Kelowna glass railings.

Your Budget
Glass railings are an investment in your family’s safety, your home’s functionality, and your property’s value. Make sure to invest in high-quality glass and expert installation.

Professional Installers
The right team will guide you through the types of glass railings and what would work best for your property. They are well versed in the local building codes and safety features.

Choose a company with integrity and professionalism that will give you a transparent estimate so you won’t be surprised by hidden charges that are out of your budget. If you’re looking for the right company to make Kelowna glass railing installation service that is easy, efficient, and affordable, look no further than the most trusted name in glass installation in Kelowna: Glass Project Solutions.

Professional Glass Specialists in Kelowna

Glass Project Solutions is a local professional Kelowna glass service provider. In our 15 years of operation in Kelowna and the surrounding areas of West Kelowna, Lake Country, Summerland, Penticton, and Vernon, we have helped thousands of homeowners enhance the beauty and functionality of their homes with our glass installations. Glass is our expertise and we can serve any of your glass needs in your home or business. We supply, design, and install glass windows, doors, shower enclosures, kitchen backsplashes, office cubicles, storefronts, and other glass structures for residential and commercial use.

The quality of our work, for which we are known, is the result of our personnel’s advanced skills, expert craftsmanship, and passion for excellent customer service. Our staff is licensed and fully insured and bonded.

Our Glass Railings Service at Glass Project Solutions

Along with satisfying your needs and preferences, your safety and protection is our major consideration in the installation of your glass railings. We build them secure, sturdy, and strong for your family’s safety, including children. We follow the applicable Building Code specifications in the construction of your railings for your balconies, porches, decks, and stairs.

We use 1/4” tempered railing glass sourced from our partner quality glass manufacturer supplier. This glass can endure normal bumps and everyday use and bad weather including strong winds. While offering the advantage of elegance, modern look, and transparency, glass can give the level of protection that is equal to those of other railings materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, ceramic, and composite materials.

You deserve the privilege of your home’s beautiful location overlooking pleasant scenery. Let our glass railings provide you the enjoyment of a natural view from your balcony or deck. Call us to know how we can help you and for a free consultation and estimate.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for your Kelowna Glass Railing Installation?

In most posh areas, including Kelowna, glass railings are not just a passing trend but a timeless elegance of both beauty and function. Make sure to trust only professional installers who know what they’re doing. Here’s why you should trust Glass Project Solutions for your Kelowna glass railings installation:

We are certified and insured installers.
All our installers undergo regular training to keep them updated with the latest advancements in glass manufacturing, handling, and installation. With decades of experience installing various kinds of glass, our installers can handle even the most challenging designs.

We offer competitive prices.
We offer affordable prices for glass installation in Kelowna. Get elegant modern staircases or decks without depleting your renovation budget.

We use only the highest quality materials.
We partner only with reliable glass manufacturers that provide the highest quality materials for your property. Enjoy durable and beautiful glass railings that will last for decades.

Satisfaction guaranteed.
We coordinate closely with our clients to ensure we get the look and functionality that they envision for their homes. Our work speaks for itself, but feel free to check the hundreds of positive feedback from our satisfied clients.

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For your property in Kelowna, glass railings can dramatically improve the look, value, and functionality of your home. Make sure to choose only the most trusted name in Kelowna for all things glass. Get in touch with us now for an obligation-free quote.