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Make your daily moment of self-care in your shower one of your day’s highlights. You can make this happen with a shower upgrade. There are many options you can choose from to improve your current shower that you don’t find enjoyment in. Do away with your old shower curtain. A shower remodeling to glass showers can make your shower routine a pleasurable experience every time. The change can transform and modernize your bathroom effectively creating an interesting area that could also be one of the major focal points in your home.

Working with a professional shower company in Kelowna is key in making your idea of a dream shower and bathroom a reality. They can guide you in planning and installing one of the best showers you can imagine. You should therefore spend some time identifying the right shower company to make the most out of your shower investment.

Finding the Right Shower Company

There’ll be quite a few glass service providers that will claim they install the best showers. Verify their claim by gathering information about them to confirm their real capability.

You can begin by asking the prospective Kelowna shower company about the following:


Check also if the shower company can work directly with your insurance company if yours is a major home glass replacement or repair. It will help bring down costs for you.

After getting all the important information about the prospective companies, you can limit your choice to the best two or three companies and compare them using your selection criteria.

Kelowna Shower Glass Company

If you are a Kelowna homeowner, you should find it easy to consider Glass Project Solutions in your shortlist if not the leading shower company. For over 25 years, we have been in the glass business installing among other structures Kelowna shower glass. We have dealt with hundreds of projects creating the best showers there are in Kelowna and surrounding areas, providing satisfaction to homeowners, and enhancing the value of their property.

We have the best-qualified glass installers in the industry with many years of hands-on experience. Highly technically competent, they provide excellent service and customer experience. They are licensed and fully insured, friendly, and professional. They undergo specialised advanced training to be abreast of modern glass technology and installation techniques.

You have a wide range of quality glass products and design options to choose from to suit your home’s architectural style. We use state-of-art equipment and tools in executing your installation. You can check that the rates and warranty we offer are among the best in the industry.

Agalite Showers from Glass Project Solutions

While we can install both framed and frameless doors for showers, we take pride in offering Agalite showers. They are frameless doors and shower enclosure designs that can bring out the best in your Kelowna shower glass.

We always recommend Agalite showers to let homeowners get the maximum benefits from a frameless door design. Frameless shower doors and enclosures give you the clean uncluttered look that you don’t get with both shower curtain and framed doors. They are convenient to clean and maintain. It is worth noting the tradeoffs with Agalite showers. While they give your bathroom the charm, airiness, and natural clarity of glass, Agalite showers must be installed with the correct design and accurately cut to prevent water from leaking into other areas of the bathroom. Their cost is higher owing to thicker glass and special hardware required to make the door attachment stronger. There are also intricacies involved in the fabrication of custom heavy frameless shower glass doors and enclosures.

If you can live with the tradeoffs, you get more enjoyment from your Kelowna shower glass by choosing a frameless shower door in your design. Frameless glass shower enclosures from our supplier partner Agalite can create changes in your bathroom to make it a more desirable place for relaxation.

We are committed to providing Kelowna homeowners the enjoyment, safety, and aesthetic upgrade they desire for their homes. Call us to know how we can help you and for a no-obligation consultation.

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