Are you looking for a professional for your commercial glass front door installation in Kelowna? Glass Project Solutions is one of the top service provider when it comes to installing commercial glass doors. Protecting your investment boils down to making an educated choice and hiring the best service company.

Whether it is commercial glass door installation or replacement, finding the most qualified professional for the job is paramount. Below is a guide on choosing the best glass door installation service in Kelowna.

Commercial storefront with glass doors

Storefront Glass Doors

The storefront glass door is typically the first impression a client has of your business before entering the store. As such, keeping a neat and top-quality appearance should be a constant priority. If you are looking for commercial glass front door installation or replacement, our team of specialists here at Glass Project Solutions have the resources and experience required to get the job done.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Glass Door Company

Choosing a reputable and skilled glass door contractor for the first time can be unfamiliar territory. You will come across plenty of choices, each promising outstanding services and efficient installation. While most of these promises and advertising claims may be true, choosing the right contractor for your job is often the most challenging part.

The selection and installation of your replacement glass doors are just as crucial as choosing a suitable candidate to protect your investment. Here is a guide you can use to engage potential candidates before hiring a glass door contractor.

Experience in the Business

How long has the contractor been in the business of installing or dealing with commercial glass doors? Longevity in business is considered a good sign. Therefore, a contractor or company with a long track of successful glass door and window installation means they understand the industry well. Consequently, they are likely to be updated on best contemporary practices.

Glass Project Solutions has been installing and replacing glass front doors in Kelowna for decades. We know what works and are willing to provide time-tested solutions for your commercial glass door needs.


While hiring a general contractor can help you save money, it is advisable to look for a company or contractor that specializes or is highly skilled in commercial glass doors. For example, how many stores has this potential candidate installed glass doors in?

Having a glass door contractor who specializes in commercial doors increases the odds of a professionally done project. Our team comprises skilled glass experts who specialize in commercial glass door installations.

Does the Candidate Have Any Testimonials or Past Clients you can Refer to?

Reputable contractors should have a network of satisfied clients. Therefore, when interviewing a potential candidate for the task, ask to see videos or pictures of completed projects or testimonials. You can also request contact information for previous clients who can share firsthand their experience with the contractors.

Consult the company’s social media pages or website to get the information you need. Alternatively, you can ask or search for online reviews on Google or sites like Yelp.

At Glass Project Solutions, our past clients have nothing short of praises and recommendations for our unique service provision. So rest assured, we can point you in the right direction for proof that we are the best glass door installation company in Kelowna and the surrounding areas.

Ask for Estimates from Several Companies

Not all contractors will bill you fairly. When budgeting for your commercial glass door installation project, ensure you allocate a precise amount for hiring a contractor. Some contractors tend to charge way above the standard price. Conversely, others tend to charge way below the standard price.

An expensive contractor does not guarantee quality work. Similarly, an undercharging contractor does not translate to poor services. Invest time in asking for different estimates. Do not decide to hire a contractor solely based on their fees but also consider other factors such as experience and skill level, among others.

We understand your need to save costs when installing your storefront glass doors. Therefore, we provide honest estimates and don’t have any hidden charges.

Is the Contractor Licensed? Are There Any Warranties?

Hiring an unlicensed contractor technically means no liability on their part in case of any event. Conversely, a certified contractor means they are a legitimately trained and qualified expert. If they are licensed this ensures they are legally responsible in case anything happens during the installation.

Most importantly, the contractor should be insured to give you peace of mind in the event of an accident or damage during the installation process.

The glass door installation company should also offer warranties of some kind. Moreover, the contractor should have an educated in-depth understanding of the warranties provided by any product supplier or manufacturer they recommend to you. Challenges related to glass door installation or workmanship are typically evident fairly quickly. Therefore, even a short-term warranty on installation can be crucial.

Even though window and glass installers are not always licensed, we employ glass experts that have chosen to be certified to demonstrate their investment in doing things the proper professional way.

Modern glass doors on commercial building

Benefits of Choosing the Best Glass Door Installation Service Company

  1. Fast and expedited installation. We understand the need for your business to operate at all times undisturbed. Our team of experts can install your front glass doors in the shortest time possible to allow you to run your business fluently.
  2. High-quality installation. Our experts use industry-leading materials and tools to install highly appealing commercial glass doors.

Hire the Best Kelowna Glass Door Installer

Glass Project Solutions has been in the industry for years, servicing residents and businesses in Kelowna and the neighbouring towns. As a result, we have industry experience in replacing and installing commercial glass doors regardless of the project magnitude.



Call us today to get an estimate of your upcoming glass door project.

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