The latest house structure that has been developed using glass is the bathtub. When bathtub glass was introduced in the market five years ago, it created quite a big splash among homeowners and in the construction and hotel industries – for good reasons. It is a unique, simply elegant, and artistic achievement in aesthetic design.

Tub shield glass is a good conversation piece and having one in your house brings added value to your property. It is something to be proud of that you can boast to your friends about. Lots of work goes into the fabrication of these tubs and it is not difficult to understand the rigid requirements and challenges associated with installing them.

Installation of the tub made with other materials such as porcelain and ceramic is crucial, let alone the installation of sensitive bathtub glass. Only an expert glass service can handle its critical installation. Anything less can ruin your valuable bathtub glass.

A bathtub can complete a bathroom instantly both in terms of aesthetic and function. The use of tubs is not limited to bathing in a small pool of water only but, with the right Kelowna bathtub glass installation, you can take showers in it too. The common problem homeowners have with their bathtubs, however, is that water splashes all over the bathroom keeping the floor wet and the walls moist. A Kelowna bathtub glass is the solution to that—it contains water within the tub area only, so the rest of your bathroom stays dry.

Top Reasons to Book a Kelowna Bathtub Glass Installation Service

If you enjoy lounging in your bathtub after a tiring long day, then you would love it even more with the addition of a bathtub glass enclosure. Not only will it make bath time more convenient and relaxing, but it will also offer you great benefits to enjoy for years to come.

Here’s why getting a Kelowna bathtub glass installation service is a great idea:

A Kelowna bathtub glass is cleaner than shower curtains.
Shower curtains can also effectively contain water within the bathtub area but certainly not as efficiently as bathtub glass. Glass is leakproof and waterproof because it is nonporous, so it won’t absorb nor let water pass through it.

A Kelowna bathtub glass is completely watertight.
The smooth surface of glass allows it to deflect water splashes more effectively than other materials. There are no pores on the glass at all, so it prevents 100% of water splashes from getting all over your bathroom.

A Kelowna bathtub glass makes your bathroom safer.
A bathroom floor that is constantly wet is an accident waiting to happen. Keeping your floor dry is much easier when you can contain the water coming from your bathtub with a glass barrier.

A Kelowna bathtub glass increases your property value.
Glass enclosures for bathtubs are a sought-after feature in homes that will surely entice potential buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future. No matter your room size, bathtub glass can enhance your bathroom’s functionality and appearance.

A Kelowna bathtub glass gives your bathroom a modern look.
When inviting guests over, the probability of them using your bathroom is much higher than in other parts of your home. An elegant bathtub glass made by Kelowna bathtub glass installation experts will surely impress them.

Signs to Get a Kelowna Bathtub Glass Installed In Your Home

Have you been dreaming of a brand-new glass enclosure for your bathtub? Don’t stop there because we assure you, a Kelowna Bathtub Glass is always a good idea. If you experience the signs below, then book a Kelowna bathtub glass installation right away.

You keep changing your shower curtains. If you have a bathtub and are using shower curtains to contain the water, you know how much of a hassle they can be to clean that you end up replacing them often. Save money and time by switching to a Kelowna bathtub glass instead.

You have almost experienced or have been in a shower accident. Bathroom accidents are no joke—they can cause serious injuries and even be fatal. Don’t ever put yourself or your family at risk again! Hire professionals  to keep your bathroom dry and safe.

You want to reduce the cleaning time spent in your bathroom. In less than a week, mildew and stains can accumulate in the corners of your bathroom when you don’t have the proper tub enclosure. A good bathtub glass can reduce mildew and keep your bathroom clean.

You want to make a style statement. If your goal is to impress your friends and guests, then a Kelowna bathtub glass is a good idea. Glass gives your home a luxurious appearance and adds beauty that is unmatched by any other material.

Kelowna Bathtub Glass from Glass Experts

Glass Project Solutions is your expert Kelowna bathtub glass installer. We are a professional glass service company that has been operating for over 15 years in the Okanagan. We serve the homeowners and business owners in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon on their various glass needs like glass windows, glass doors, glass showers, and many other items.

We started installing Bathtub shield glass in the very first year the product was launched in the market. Our competencies for handling and working with bathtub glass came from more than a decade of experience with other glass structures and numerous Kelowna bathtub glass projects we have completed in the last five years. Our track record of excellent customer service and quality workmanship has earned us the patronage of hundreds of customers in our area of operation and made us their preferred glass service provider.

Our glass professionals are certified and fully licensed and insured. They have a tremendous amount of experience with glass handling, cutting, and processing. We train them on the latest trends in glass including the most advanced methods and techniques in bath shield glass installation.

Our Bathtub Glass Installation and Repair Services

If it is your first time trying a bathtub glass, you need not worry. We can guide you in the right choice of tub style, size, design, and position in your bathroom. We shall consider all your requirements and preferences in our plan before we execute the project. We use the highest quality glass sourced from our industry-leading supplier partners. Expect a seamless job with us. You can proceed with your normal household activities without being unnecessarily bothered by us. We shall conclude our Kelowna bathtub glass project only after you are fully satisfied with our job and give your final approval.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for Your Kelowna Bathtub Glass Needs?

Glass Project Solutions professionals are experts at Kelowna bathtub glass installation.
We take pride in our 25-year strong combined experience in the glass industry. Our team has completed various training and certifications to deploy advanced techniques and use high-tech equipment to build you the best bathtub glass.

We guarantee 100% leak-proof and waterproof tub glass enclosures.
The Glass Project Solutions team works tirelessly to ensure that your bathtub glass is installed with precision and accuracy. This way, we can assure our clients that their new bathtub glass enclosures will stay leakproof for many years to come.

We source premium-quality glass.
We are dedicated to being a one-stop glass shop for all our customer’s needs. Not only are we experts at installing flawless bathtub glasses, but we also have the expertise in selecting the best quality ones to be used in construction.

We offer top-notch glass installation services at reasonable rates.
We believe that top-quality doesn’t have to come at such a high price. Glass Project Solutions remains committed to keeping our prices, for both service and material charges, as low as possible to accommodate as many customers as possible.

We are dedicated to building bathtub glasses that increase property value.
When building a bathtub glass, we don’t only focus on the aesthetic matters of our craft. We also take into careful consideration its functionality and the value it will add to the property in the long run.

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Bathtub Glass Installation Experts? Contact Us Now!

Exceptional bathtub glass installation at super affordable prices—only Glass Project Solutions can give you that! For an investment as important as a bathtub glass, trust only our talented team who has extensive experience and skills to transform the vision you have for your bathroom into reality. Call us today!