Kelowna Commercial Windows

Kelowna Commercial Windows

Are you looking for Kelowna Commercial Windows architects deemed necessary when choosing your new storefront windows? These window types are known for their strength and rigidity and are often used when you require windows that provide structural stability.

Unlike Aluminum windows of the past, these engineered Kelowna commercial windows provide superior interior comfort and insulation properties not seen by previous versions of aluminum window products. Aluminum allows windows to be a structural component in a building design and provide a cleaner look with more glass surface area. That is why they are typically used in commercial door applications.

Commercial windows have an entirely different set of requirements compared to residential windows. They demand a high degree of functionality, and aesthetic appeal, while being important, takes a backseat. Commercial windows that are not perfectly designed and installed are bound to fail from the pressures brought by the elements, especially high wind pressures and structural loads.

The success of commercial windows depends a lot not only on the quality of the product but also on the installers’ experience. It is the building owners’ responsibility to research their contractors to ensure that they have the expertise in installing commercial windows. So why not hire Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors who possess all the qualifications?

Kelowna Commercial Window Specialists

Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors is a professional Kelowna commercial windows installation service company. We are an expert with commercial windows as we are with residential windows. Our 15 years of experience in the business have allowed us to work on multiple projects for multiple types of windows. Know us more with these facts:

Skills: Our high level of expertise and performance in commercial window installation can be attributed to our attention to detail, quality service, and the great products we provide. We’ve installed countless projects that range from hotels to entire buildings with just a few windows. We install quality commercial windows in a way where they do not need to be replaced. We will work with you and your commercial windows to design a project that meets your needs!

Assurance: Be it a single-pane window or multiple panes, we know the process and follow it with ease and perfection. We follow standards of installation laid by the Aluminum Window Manufacturer’s Association (AWMA) and make sure that they meet the customer’s specifications. If necessary, we can also give you a sample of the manufactured window.

Comprehensive Service: Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors provides a complete solution for all your commercial window needs. We’ll provide you with the most competitive price and work with you on designing, installing, or renovating your commercial windows. We’ve always been known to create custom designs suited to the client’s taste and budget.

Professional Approach: We are not just another Kelowna commercial windows installation company. We are experts that have been in the business industry for more than 15 years! During this time, our team has worked on many projects and has gained enough experience to better approach each service. Our methods focus on a clean and smooth installation process that does not take much time or effort from the customer.

Products: We provide an extensive range of commercial windows; you can choose from our line of products or opt for customized solutions. We offer all types of commercial window installations like storefronts, casement windows, and more.

Timely Delivery: For us, customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of the process of completion. Our willingness to provide an efficient service is what separates us from others. Our ability to deliver the product within a short time is why we have been able to provide our customers with quality service.

We are professionals that focus on installing Kelowna commercial windows correctly and efficiently. It means that we can help you in any way possible, from providing information about the products available to install them at your site.

We are experts with commercial windows and can help you select the right product for your building. We understand the designs of commercial structures, thus allowing us to provide customized solutions that will ensure satisfaction.

Our Kelowna Commercial Windows Installation Service

Choosing the right professional for your Kelowna commercial windows installation project is crucial to ensuring that the quality of work is high. But you don’t have to look far! Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors is ready and willing to help.

We are a trusted company that provides commercial windows for our customers based on their specific requirements. We offer you everything from consultations, product selection, and installation services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we will guide you through every step of the process and provide you with a quote based on your specifications.

Even better, we will install the windows for you and ensure that they are working correctly and not requiring repair or replacement anytime soon. We also handle warranty claims and complete any post-installation clean-up required. Instead of worrying about the windows you purchased, let us take care of installation service and care!


Top Reasons Why Our Commercial Windows Installation Are The Best Choice

You might think that Kelowna commercial windows are unsuitable for your building or organization. But the truth is that these types of windows lift your structure’s appearance, create an exclusive look and make it more attractive to passersby. Here’s why commercial windows are the best choice:

Comfort: Our commercial windows are designed to let in more light for the larger spaces. They have less paneling and a lot more glass. They create an open and airy environment that ensures visitors’ and employees’ comfort.

Efficiency: Many types of commercial windows are designed to be energy efficient. They provide maximum light while simultaneously allowing for proper insulation. It means that they will keep the elements out but still allow you to save money on your energy bills.

Material Selection: The assortment of materials, colors, and shapes available to you when purchasing commercial windows is extensive. You have the option of choosing windows that are made to last or opting for modern designs.

Practical and Beautiful: There is no reason to sacrifice beauty for practicality when purchasing commercial windows. All you need to do is specify your design preferences, whether you want light-colored wood or dark glassed frames etc. We are ready to provide you with your ideal combination.

Optimum Security: Our commercial windows are designed to give you better security, especially for large areas like offices, stores, and other public spaces. The special features of our double-paned window units will prevent burglars from shattering the glass or picking the locks on these units. It makes them an excellent option if you want to prevent theft too.

Why Choose Us For Your Kelowna Commercial Window Needs

Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors Kelowna provides our valued customers with clear, accurate quotes and quality installations. We are serious when we say the final results are meant to last a long time back, along with our 15-year labor warranty and lifetime window warranties.

We have striven to achieve this through great attention to detail and constant skill development. We understand the Kelowna market to the best extent possible and are driven to deliver the best solutions for our dedicated customers. Hiring us could be the wisest decision you can make for your next exterior renovation project!

If those reasons aren’t enough, check this out:

We provide warranties.
All our services are backed by an in-house warranty which ensures total customer satisfaction, so you have nothing to worry about. You’ll feel confident knowing that Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors has your back.

We give you accurate quotes.
Providing you with an accurate quote is very important to us. With Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors, you can be certain that the price we offer is fair and competitive. Once you have provided us with your Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors requirements, we can give you a quote that accurately reflects the overall value of our work.

We offer free in-home consultations to our customers.
As window experts, we are here to listen to your needs. That’s why we provide you with a free home consultation. We will discuss your Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors requirements and answer any questions you have during this meeting.

We are a professional and reliable company.
At Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors, we know how you feel about your home and business. We brought the same high level of quality to commercial window services as we do with our residential work.

We Provide Other Window and Door Services throughout Kelowna

We carry out a number of residential and commercial windows in Kelowna. Whether it’s standard or custom units, we have you covered. Our complete range of services includes:

  1. Window Installation
  2. Window Repair
  3. Window Replacement

What’s more? We even offer door installation, repair, and replacement for your:

  1. Patio Doors
  2. Entry Doors
  3. Garage Doors
  4. Exterior Doors

We’re your go-to company for exceptional windows and door services. Every time you work with us, you can expect nothing less than the best service possible. We make sure your windows are installed perfectly to avoid potential problems in the future, which is why most Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors customers call us again when they need glass replacements or repairs.

Our Professional Approach to Commercial Window Services

With Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors, you can be certain that your Kelowna commercial windows installation project will run smoothly. We are committed to delivering premium-quality service for even the most complicated projects. Here’s the method sequence we follow for commercial window services:

Proper Planning: Before we work on your commercial window installation project, we will meet with you to discuss it in-depth and determine what kind of services you require. We try to understand the project’s scope so that we can plan accordingly and provide you with all options available for this type of service.

Product Selection: You don’t have to worry about product selection when you work with us. We use quality window products that meet the structural specifications for commercial windows for high buildings. Sourced from leading manufacturers of commercial windows in the industry, they use heavy-duty aluminum framing and reinforced glazing on the glass panes for durability to withstand pressures from the wind and structural loads.

Detailed Quote: Once we know what type of Kelowna commercial windows you want to be installed in your building, we will give you a detailed quote for this service. You can rest assured that there are no hidden facts in our estimate, that your price is fair and that the quality of services offered is excellent.

Professional Installation: Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors has an experienced team of professionals who can help you with installation service for commercial windows. We follow the highest possible safety standards for this type of work to prevent accidents during installation.

Clean-up Process: After the installation of commercial windows, we will clean up before we leave. It is an important part of the service because it shows that we care about your property and building just as much as you do.


Call Us Now and Get a Free Quote on Our Kelowna Commercial Window Installation and Replacement Services

Let us help you get your project off the ground and show off with pride your Kelowna commercial window installation. If you are looking for a commercial window company that is trustworthy, competent, and reliable to install your commercial windows or doors in Kelowna, Glass Project Solutions Windows and Doors is the company to choose! Call us now at (250) 801-5161 or email us at sales@newtownwindows.ca to get started.