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Professional Installation

The highest quality PVC vinyl window is nothing without a proper installation. Our professionally trained team of window and door experts will use the steps necessary to make sure you get a properly installed weather tight window or door. We take out the entire existing frame and parts from your home, and replace them with newly updated parts and materials. We currently use the highest quality polyurethane spray foam insulation, as well as foam insulated frames. This ensures that your home will exceed energy star ratings for our hot Kelowna summers, and cold winters.

Different Types Of Railings

Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel can be very beneficial for modern interiors. The primary reason to equip your facilities with stainless steel railing is its impressive durability. It is one of the strongest metals able to support heavy loads. In addition, it is damage resistant and is almost impossible to scratch.

Picket Railings​

Railings are an essential component of both commercial and residential buildings. They serve the purpose of keeping the residents safe and protecting them from falling. A picket railing system is an excellent choice if you plan to install them in your home. It consists of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel railing, posts, and pickets.

10mm Aluminum Topless Railings

Topless glass railings provide a unique look and an enhanced view of your home. Topless glass railings are the only type of railing that provides completely unobstructed views, as they do not have a top barrier. These railings can seamlessly integrate the outdoors with your deck.

Cable Railings

Cable railings are constructed from posts, rails, and narrow cables that allow you to see your surroundings right through the barrier. Depending on the deck configuration, you may have the option to space out the posts every three or five feet, which would help keep the view as unobstructed as possible.

Standoff Railings

Standoff railing systems look like a continuous stream of glass that seems to float in the air, enhancing contemporary styles. We install standoff railings that sustain daily wear and tear. If you’re looking for safe railing systems that enhance modernity in your space, standoff railing is the perfect fit for your needs.

Windscreen Spigot Railings

This railing system is used when you can mount your railings on the floor or ground surface. It is perfect for outside patios, porches and balconies. The tilt lock technology is utilized to keep the glass in place. This technology easily allows the alignment of the mirror vertically and horizontally to get perfect alignment.

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Experienced Precision Craftsmanship

Hire Railing Experts at Glass Project Solutions for custom designed railing systems, just right for both your home and it’s natural surroundings! Any and all styles of glass railings from posts, handrails guardrails to spigots, and baserails. All shapes and size styles whether it’s a surface mount spigot, side mount fascia spigot, standoff pins, or square post.

Professional Glass Railing Installation

The highest quality glass railing is nothing without a proper installation. Our professionally trained team of glass and railing experts will use the steps necessary to make sure you get a properly installed weather proof railing system. We install our railings with the industry standard in parts and materials.