Kelowna Glass Repair

Glass has fascinated people since it was first used. A glass house is a remarkable work of modern architecture and parts of the house that are made of glass like windows, doors, and skylights are seen as being exquisite. Glass has its drawbacks, however. It breaks when accidents happen. Breakage or damage should not deter you from continuing to use glass material in your house. A professional glass repair company can help.

Tips to Consider When Fixing Damaged Glass

Repairing cracked window glass or other glass structures can be complicated or dangerous if you aren’t sure how to deal with it. Before attempting to fix any damaged glass, here are a few important things you should remember:

  1. The first step is to analyze the severity of the defect and try to identify its cause.
  2. Homeowners should not try to repair the glass to avoid accidents and more serious problems from happening.
  3. Different types of glass defects require different repair methods.
  4. Cases, where glass damage can be repaired, are not many. There are glass defects that are beyond repair.
  5. For the most part, temporary fixes that may be helpful can be done while you decide who to hire to replace the glass or window.
  6. While there are defects that can be repaired yourself, it’s important to be aware that this may only be a short-term solution depending on the damage that’s been done.

Some of the cases where repair is not possible include cracks longer than an inch, double-paned glass that have holes in both panes, or glass that’s broken into pieces. It is important to remember that cracked glass must be repaired as soon as possible, as small cracks can become larger in a short amount of time if they’re exposed to changes in temperature, moisture, or misuse.

In situations like these, it is best to get the service of Kelowna glass repair specialists to ensure that your broken glass fixtures will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Kelowna Glass Repair from Glass Project Solutions

Glass Project Solutions is the Kelowna glass repair shop you can call in the Okanagan. We are professional glass repair specialists who can help you with the repair, replacement, and renovation of any glass structures in your house such as glass windows, doors, bathroom enclosures, and mirrors. Our philosophy of providing value through quality workmanship and excellent customer service guides our highly trained and experienced glass repair personnel to consistently deliver the results that delight our valued customers every time. Our glass specialists are fully licensed and insured and our Kelowna glass repair products are backed by local warranties. We ensure that the repair jobs we perform will restore the glass items to their original form with even better robustness.

Our Kelowna glass repair service for the past 15 years has made us the preferred service provider of hundreds of homeowners and commercial business owners in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon.

Our Professional Glass Repair Service

Our love for glass and our dedication to our craft has kept us maintaining the excellent customer service record we have achieved and pushing for continuous improvement in our business process.

When you avail of our Kelowna glass repair as with our other services, we make it a point to first discuss with you your needs and requirements for your glass repair. We want to make sure you, the customer, are intelligently guided in your decisions. We will recommend customized solutions and improvement options you can consider and approve before we begin with the project. We will then execute the repair plan, all according to your targets that can include costs and timing. We carry out the repair job in a safe, systematic and seamless manner that will not cause any undue disturbance in your household work or business.


What Glass Defects Do Our Kelowna Glass Experts Repair?

At Glass Project Solutions, we repair a number of glass damages and problems, including the following:

Chips are little dings or blemishes on the glass. They are not quite the size of cracks but can become cracks if they are not resolved early. Chips can be caused by either impact or temperature, though the former is more common. They may remain chips but can sometimes spread across the rest of the window.

There are different types of glass cracks that can appear in your home’s windows, doors, etc., each with different root causes. Recognizing them can tell you what they mean for your windows and other items and how you can make sure that they are repaired properly.

Impact Crack
An impact crack is the most common idea people have when they think about a window crack, for example. A baseball or stone that accidentally hits your window with a lot of force creates an impact crack. For this reason, repairs can be difficult and risky. Be extra cautious if you attempt to do an temporary repair on glass with an impact crack.

Stress Crack
A stress crack is a small defect that usually starts at the edge of a window, door, or other structure. The crack has the potential to progress and do a lot of damage. It develops with opposite extreme temperatures on the interior and exterior. It can likewise spread across the glass over time as great variances in temperature between the outside and inside, as in the case of windows, occur. Stress cracks are common in areas with cold winters where the homeowners keep the house exceptionally warm. Stress cracks can also appear and worsen with the application of continual force such as slamming the window or door.

Detecting the stress crack early is important for a greater chance of repairing the glass. Delaying your action will make repairing the glass nearly impossible and you’ll have no other recourse but to replace the glass or window unit.

Pressure Crack
Pressure crack is the least common type of crack. It is the result of an intense or dramatic shift in pressure such as a swift change in weather or improper installation of the window or door. You’ll recognize a pressure crack from its curved shape similar to an hourglass.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for your Kelowna Glass Repair Needs?

Newtown Glass has a dedicated customer service team that is always ready to support you on your glass repair needs.
Whether you want an accurate estimate for your glass windows or you just want to inquire which glass type will work best for your space, you can contact us with ease.

We provide customizable service.
With Glass Project Solutions, we can assess your space and help you decide on where to efficiently place your new windows or doors so you can get the most out of your installation. We suggest the best materials you can use based on your preferences and priorities.

We have over 25 years of experience.
Our expert installers have been in the glass installation industry for more than 2 decades so you can be assured that your glass repair need will be handled properly by experienced craftsmen. All of them are regularly trained, insured, and certified so you can expect nothing but utmost professionalism from our team.

We provide the most accurate estimate before we start any project.
Our transparent billing will ensure that you will not be surprised by any hidden fees or extra charges. Just let us know your budget and we can discuss how we can work around it without compromising on the quality of the repair.

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For glass installation, repair, or replacement services, trust only the experts who have a proven track record in the industry. Glass Project Solutions Ltd provides the highest standard of Kelowna glass repair and installation services. Call us now to get a free estimate and experience a top-notch Kelowna glass repair service from the experts.