Kelowna Glass Replacement

Kelowna Glass Replacement

Most good things come with a trade off. Glass is one of them. It is modern, elegant, and simply beautiful. It has its downside as well. It breaks and gets damaged when accidents happen, with environmental factors, and misuse. 

Take your home’s windows as an example. They are most susceptible to damage, being exposed to the outside world. Environmental conditions, age, and man-made accidents play a role in the damage to the glass window. Great variances in the exterior and interior temperatures, especially in cold winter months, may cause stress cracks on the glass. Swift changes in the weather can trigger a pressure crack. Older double or triple pane windows often cause the seal to break, inciting fogginess, streaking, and condensation. Accidents and even abuse can result in breakage or impact cracking on the window glass. 

Top Reasons Why Homeowners Opt for Glass Replacement

The replacement of glass fixtures at home such as glass windows is among the best home improvement and upgrade projects that stretch investment dollars farther. Homeowners cite the following reasons for opting for glass replacement:

Increased home value

Glass replacement projects can have a big payoff and can return homeowners a significant percentage of their project cost upon resale of the home.

Enhanced home security and safety

The replacement of damaged, defective, and old glass structures like windows and doors by newer and improved functionality units can benefit the safety of the family.

Improved home comfort

Energy-efficient, well-sealed windows and doors prevent air leaks, reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter, and can help keep climate-controlled air indoors.

Improved energy efficiency

here are highly energy-efficient certified windows and doors that can save money and help lower utility costs while protecting the environment.   

Signs that Your Glass Needs Replacement

Visible damage. If the glass is ugly or outdated, repairs will not effectively solve the problem. Also, defects such as large cracks and broken glass are beyond repair.   

Old and outdated. If the glass is hazy and has lost its clarity and lustrous surface, it is time to replace it. Double and triple pane window glass is expected to last 10 to 20 years.  

Safety hazard. Cracked glass is prone to breaking and collapsing, posing a safety hazard to people.

High energy bills. Homes with single pane or non-energy-efficient windows and doors lack proper insulation, which can cause your air conditioning or heating systems to work harder to regulate internal temperatures in your home resulting in very high energy bills. 

Eyesore. The long-term aesthetics and curb appeal of your home are lost with old, defective, and low-quality glass.   

Glass Replacement vs. Window Replacement

If there is an issue with glass windows, the most common questions asked by homeowners are when is replacing just the glass fine and when is replacing the entire window necessary.

The answer to this tricky question is it depends on the situation.

  • With a pane broken, opt for glass replacement. 
  • If you notice the window glass starting to fog up and produce condensation, you can probably solve that issue with a glass replacement after fixing the broken seals instead of a window replacement.
  • If the windows are old and letting in a noticeable draft, you can replace the glass but it is a better plan to consider upgrading your window by replacing them in their entirety. 

There are benefits to replacing just the glass versus replacing the whole window unit depending on the situation. If you can get away with it, you can experience the following benefits: 

  • You’ll save more on your home project. Replacing the glass is obviously more cost-effective than replacing the whole window. 
  • If you are using an insulated glass unit (IGU), you’ll have a dramatic reduction in heat loss, notice regulation in your home’s internal temperatures, and as a result, significant monthly energy savings.
  • You’ll see a faster installation time with an IGU replacement by a professional. These jobs are usually completed in less than a day. 

Replacing the entire window will be more expensive as you will be paying for more than just the glass but you can expect twice the benefits that come with it.

  • Energy savings become more noticeable.
  • The home resale value increases with new windows.
  • Outside noise is lessened dramatically.
  • Your home’s internal temperatures during the colder and hotter months are improved even more.           

Kelowna Glass Replacement from Glass Experts

Broken or damaged glass items in your house aren’t something to cry about. They should not deter you from fixing or replacing them. Get back the pleasure you derive from your glass windows, glass doors, glass showers, glass railings, tub glass, or glass tile backsplashes that have been lost from breakage or damage by replacing them with brand new installations. An expert glass company, not just any glass installer, can help you.

Glass Project Solutions is a professional company with expertise in glass. With 15 years of experience in the glass business, we can repair any house glass item and restore it to its original luster or better. We expertly design, fabricate, cut, and install glass. We sure know how to replace them. Tell us how you want your Kelowna glass replacement to be. We can either replace a broken or damaged glass item with exactly the same original design as it was installed. We can also use the opportunity to install a newer, modern design and more robust replacement depending on your preference.

We make sure your needs, including technical, budget, and timing requirements are met. We have made a mark among homeowners and business owners in Kelowna, West Kalona, Penticton, and Vernon, where we operate, for our excellent service and quality workmanship.

Our Professional Glass Replacement Service

Our fully licensed and insured staff is sought after for their friendliness, reliability, and a customer-first mindset. We come complete with advanced equipment and tools and employ the latest method in glass replacement and installation.

We work systematically and seamlessly so as not to cause you any disturbance in your normal household activity or business operation. We clean up the work area and make sure that you fully approve of our glass replacement job before we conclude our project.

Your glass items need not be installed by us previously nor should you be a former client to avail of our Kelowna glass replacement service. We fix your damaged items without questions. We also replace auto glass, one of our many specialty glass services.


Why Choose Newtown Glass for your Kelowna Glass Replacement Needs?

Glass experts. We are Kelowna’s premier service provider of glass services with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. This is complemented by our continuous improvement program consisting of staff skills upgrading and knowledge update to be abreast of modern glass technology.  

Comprehensive products and services. If it’s glass products you need for your home or business needs, we are sure we have them and can handle them. We supply, design, install, repair, and replace a comprehensive range of glass products and structures such as glass windows, glass doors, glass rails, glass showers, and many more.

Superb customer service. Our track record of excellent customer service to thousands of satisfied customers in Kelowna is your guarantee of the same unique customer experience you will have with us.     

Professional quality workmanship. We deliver professional output from our designs, workmanship, and installation. We make sure every product that comes out of our factory is of the highest quality and reliability and will provide you with many years of functionality.       

Cost-efficient. The cost savings you get from us come from our industry competitive pricing, high-quality robust and reliable products, and efficient service. 

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Glass Experts? Contact Us Now!

For glass installation, repair, or replacement services, trust only the experts who have a proven track record in the industry. Glass Project Solutions Ltd provides the highest standard of glass installation and repair services. Call us now to get a free estimate and experience a top-notch Kelowna glass replacement service from the experts.