Kelowna Glass Backsplash

Kelowna Glass Backsplash

For a long time, kitchen and bathroom backslashes have always been built using materials such as ceramic and porcelain tiles and the more expensive marble or granite tiles. While they are still currently used, glass is the modern backsplash material. Glass isn’t just functional; it is stylish, elegant and sleek. A glass backslash makes your kitchen and bathroom pleasurable areas in your house. Unlike the traditional backsplash materials, special care and skills are required in handling and processing glass. You must call on the experts for a perfect installation of your glass backsplashes.

A kitchen is a place for preparing food so it goes without saying that it should be the cleanest place in your home. However, mold and stains on your wall can’t be completely avoided due to the splashes made when cooking food, washing the dishes, and other household chores are done in the kitchen. Walls with build-ups of grime, oil, and dirt can make your kitchen look unsanitary and your food unappealing to your guests. Get rid of that problem at once and get a Kelowna glass backsplash for both your kitchen and bathroom.

Why is Glass the Ideal Material for Backsplashes?

Are you still undecided on whether booking a Kelowna glass backsplash installation service is the right choice for you? Still not convinced that glass is indeed the best material to be used for backsplashes?

You’ll want to get a Kelowna glass backsplash installation for your home right away after you read these reasons why glass is most suitable for backsplashes:

A Kelowna glass backsplash can be customized in many different ways.
The first thought that always comes to mind when it comes to glass is “transparent”—boring! However, modern glass techniques allow for the glass to be painted, frosted, textured, and customized to however you want. The possibilities are endless with glass.

A Kelowna glass backsplash is low-maintenance.
Not only is glass durable, but it also has a smooth surface that is easy to clean with a single spritz of liquid glass cleaner. Compared to other materials, you won’t have to clean glass as often as grime and water can’t stick well to it.

A Kelowna glass backsplash offers a smooth modern look.
If your goal is to give your kitchen a more modern and opulent aesthetic, then the glass is definitely the right choice for you. Glass looks very sleek so it can enhance the ambiance of your kitchen in an instant.

A Kelowna glass backsplash is resistant to mold and bacteria.
Unlike porous materials like wood, glass is completely waterproof and therefore, can be resistant to bacteria and mold. Not only will it last longer in your home but it will also be more sanitary and easier to clean.

A Kelowna glass backsplash is a good investment for your kitchen.
A Kelowna glass backsplash installation will initially cost you more than tiles but the benefits of using glass for your backsplash can be enjoyed in the long run. Glass is long-lasting and it will show no signs of wear for a long time as well.

You constantly need to clean your kitchen and bathroom walls. Are the cleaning hours spent in your kitchen and bathroom seem never-ending? Quit wasting time and get a Kelowna glass backsplash to cut your cleaning time in half. Glass is much easier to clean as it has a smooth and non-porous surface.

Your bathroom and kitchen look unsanitary and unappealing. Take a good look at your kitchen and bathroom walls. Do they look clean and sanitary? If no, then now is the best time to avail of a Kelowna glass backsplash installation service. A new glass backsplash will impress your guests for sure.

You can’t seem to scrub off the grime and dirt on your walls. If you have been pouring blood, sweat, and tears to try and bring back the cleanliness of your walls but to no avail, then things might be too late. A Kelowna glass backsplash can solve your problems and prevent future issues from occurring.

You notice signs of wear on your current backsplashes. If you currently have a backsplash for your kitchen and bathroom but you see visible signs of damage and deformation, then consider getting a Kelowna glass backsplash installation service. It’s high time to replace your dirty old backsplash.

Kelowna Glass Tile Backsplash from Glass Experts

Glass Project Solutions Ltd is a professional glass service company that specializes in a glass tile backsplash, among other glass installations for homes and offices. If you have a new house construction, choose us for your Kelowna glass tile backsplash for your kitchen and bathroom. We have been in the glass business for over 15 years. We have worked with different types of glass installation projects of all sizes and complexities in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, and Penticton. Through these years, we have provided excellent customer service and quality workmanship we have been known for, to hundreds of our residential and commercial clients.

Our Glass Tile Backsplash Installation and Repair Services

When you call us for your Kelowna glass tile backsplash, we shall discuss with you your specific needs and special requirements, considering your style and design preferences and budget and timing requirements. Our expert staff will advise you on the latest trends on backsplashes you can base your decisions on. You will have the option for the type of glass tiles to install in your house, which can be one of the following:

Cast glass – Cast glass surfaces are usually slightly textured with inherent bubbles, folds, and creases, and wavy. Streaks of color formed from the casting process are present throughout the piece.

Fused glass – Consists of multiple layers of glazes and similar materials that are added in stages during the fusing process, yielding varying colors and patterns. The surfaces finish of fused glass tiles can be textured, smooth, uniform, or non-uniform.

Coated glass – Color coatings have been applied to the back of the transparent glass, which transfers the back-coated colors through clear glass.

The backsplashes we install will protect the walls behind your stove, countertop, and sink from liquid and food splashes. More than this, it will become an attractive decoration and source of inspiration for everybody at home, especially the house cook.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for Your Kelowna Glass Backsplash Installation Needs?

We know glass like the back of our hands.
Our over 25 years of combined experience in the glass industry has gained us confidence that we can handle all glass-related needs and requests. From repairs to from-scratch glass installations, we can make it all happen.

We guarantee timely and above-expectation results.
We are keen on project management to ensure that we finish the project by the agreed-upon deadline. You can relax and trust that your new glass backsplash will be finished as per your specification and that it will exceed your expectations.

We offer our expert Kelowna glass backsplash installation services at fair prices.
Glass Project Solutions can source premium glass materials at affordable prices to be used for your glass backsplash project. We offer great discounts through different service packages so you can enjoy big savings.

We can customize your glass backsplash to suit your needs and taste.
Whatever the vision you have for your bathroom or kitchen is, we can make it happen by designing and building a new glass backsplash that is both functional and aesthetic according to your personal needs and preferences.

We offer free estimates for our Kelowna glass backsplash installation service.
The friendly and enthusiastic Glass Project Solutions team is ready to receive your calls and listen to your needs. We will prepare a free quotation for you—absolutely no strings attached. That is how much we value our clients here at Glass Project Solutions.

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The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can get started on building your dream kitchen and bathroom backsplash come true! Our lines are open so feel free to call us any time or reach us via our website or email to discuss your plans. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!