Glass kitchen backsplash or painted glass backsplashes are modern, classy, and elegant. Its use is growing as more homeowners realize its benefits. Aside from its beauty and shine, glass is usually more abrasion-resistant and more robust against impact compared to traditional tile materials such as porcelain and ceramic.

But, like most materials, glass has its trade-offs. It is more sensitive to thermal shock and has a greater thermal expansion. These innate weaknesses must be addressed during the installation of the glass tiles. In areas where rapid changes in temperatures take place such as near the oven, great care should be taken. The additional movement of the glass during expansion must be accounted for when installing it.

Additionally, special mortar systems need to be used for proper tile adhesion. Only an expert glass service company will know the right process for working with and installing glass tiles for your backsplash.


Glass is a top choice among homeowners because of the instant elegance it offers to any space. This material is even more popular for kitchen construction because aside from its aesthetic look, it is also very functional in terms of durability, cleanability, and non-combustibility. But because glass is also a fragile material, it is quite tricky to install especially with the many considerations of a kitchen environment. With the experts of Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation here at Glass Project Solutions, you can relax as we take the woes of your Kelowna kitchen backsplash needs off your hands.

Top Reasons to Choose Glass for Your New Kelowna Kitchen Backsplash

Choosing the right material for your Kelowna kitchen backsplash is crucial because not only will it be one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, but it will also dictate your lifestyle from then on.

Glass is a popular choice among homeowners getting a Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation for their homes for a good reason.

Glass offers an easily cleanable surface.
Each time you cook, oil and water splash on your kitchen walls and there is no way to completely avoid it. With a Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation, however, you can reduce the cleaning time since glass has a smooth easy-to-clean surface.

Glass can come in all colors and textures.
No, glass backsplashes don’t just come in a transparent color. You can have them tinted, frosted, painted, and customized to your liking. With advanced technology, customizing glass to match your kitchen ambiance is easily achievable.

Glass requires no grout joints for sealing.
Because no grout joints are needed for your Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation, it’s not surprising that it would be much easier to clean than other materials such as wood or tiles. This allows your backsplash to last longer too.

Glass maximizes the lighting in your kitchen.
Light bounces off glass effortlessly so the glass is ideal to use for your Kelowna kitchen backsplash especially if you have minimal lighting in the room. You can save on the light bill too as it makes use of natural ambient lighting.

Glass gives your kitchen a contemporary look.
Impress your guests on their next visit with a beautiful new Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation using premium glass that is customized to complement your home. Glass backsplashes make homes look neat and modern.

Signs to Book a Kelowna Kitchen Backsplash Installation Service A.S.A.P.

Listed below are common signs that you need a kitchen backsplash replacement. If these situations are relatable to you, then don’t think twice about getting a new Kelowna kitchen backsplash installed right away.

Your current backsplash is made of combustible materials. Materials such as wood and plastic easily catch fire which is a major safety hazard when used in the kitchen. Especially if your backsplash is behind the stove or oven, you should have it replaced with more fire-resistant materials like glass.

You can’t clean your backsplash no matter what you do. Porous materials make it easier for oil and dirt to stick, plus they make perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Once the grime has hardened on the surface already, it is nearly impossible to clean! Switch to a glass kitchen backsplash now.

You want your kitchen to look more sanitary. Food prepared in a clean and tidy kitchen is certainly more enjoyable to consume as you can be confident that it was prepared sanitarily. If this is your goal, switch to a glass backsplash now to make the meals you cook instantly more appetizing to your family and friends.

You want to get your kitchen backsplash done fast. If you don’t have much time to spare for a Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation project, then choosing glass as the main material for your new backsplash is ideal. It requires no grout joints and hiring experts will get the job done even faster.

Kelowna Kitchen Backsplash from Glass Experts

You need the services of Glass Project Solutions to ensure that all the necessary requirements in installing your Kelowna kitchen backsplash are met. We are a professional glass service company with over 15 years of experience with glass projects of all sizes and complexities. We repair and replace all types of glass structures for residential and commercial clients. We have installed painted glass backsplashes, among other glass installs for hundreds of homeowners in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon. We are the preferred service supplier for glass in these Okanagan areas as a result of our excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

Our experts are certified, fully licensed, and insured. We utilize the most advanced methods in handling and processing glass, and state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

Our Kitchen Backsplash Installation and Repair Services

When you request an in-house consultation for your Kelowna kitchen backsplash, we shall discuss your needs and requirements to fully understand them. We shall guide you in deciding on the materials, design, and looks of your backsplash after we have done a check on your kitchen and surroundings. You can opt for one of the available glass tile materials that we install for backsplashes – cast glass, fused glass, or coated glass. Each one of them has its peculiar design characteristics, which we will let you know. We plan our work and proceed upon your approval.

We perform our job seamlessly without affecting your normal household activities outside of the kitchen area we work on. We complete our project on the committed schedule and conclude it finally with your full acceptance of our job.

Why Glass Project Solutions is the Best at Kelowna Kitchen Backsplash Installation?

We have extensive experience and expertise to install your new Kelowna kitchen backsplash safely and accurately.
Our talented team of professionals will meticulously choose the glass materials to be used on your backsplash project to ensure its quality and safety. The Glass Project Solutions team also uses advanced equipment and techniques to guarantee the longevity of the results.

We will customize your Kelowna kitchen backsplash to match your kitchen.
At Glass Project Solutions, we don’t just build functional glass backsplashes, but we also take into careful consideration the aesthetic factor of our work. We have the expertise to create a kitchen backsplash that satisfies your taste.

We offer great discounts on Kelowna kitchen backsplash installation projects.
Glass Project Solutions believes that top-quality doesn’t have to come at such a hefty price. You can enjoy major savings as we offer comprehensive packages where we take care of everything from sourcing glass to installing them for you.

We are committed to completing projects on time.
Our team is keen on project management and has enough experience to get the job done right on the first try. We avoid back-jobs at all costs for the convenience and satisfaction of all our customers.

We give free quotations with absolutely no strings attached.
Everyone is welcome here at Glass Project Solutions. Old and new customers can contact us any time for a free valuation on our unparalleled Kelowna kitchen backsplash service. No pressure, we can wait until you’re ready for a booking.

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