Kelowna Wire Railings

Railings are essential in keeping people safe and protecting them from falling from heights in residential or commercial properties either outdoor or indoor. They are commonly installed in balconies, decks, porches, terraces, patios, walkways, and stairs. Picket railings are the most common style of railing and an excellent alternative to other popular railings such as glass railings and wire railings. Homeowners realize the many benefits of picket railings.

Picket railings are safe. They help keep children and pets from falling off heights.

Picket railings are durable and affordable. The materials they are made with are strong and can withstand the elements. The railings have a long service life.

Picket railings require low maintenance. Regularly wiping off the railings and occasional hosing it down is enough to upkeep them.

Installing picket railings is simple and convenient. No special handling and processing of the materials for picket railings installation are required.

There is a wide variety of suitable product options. You can explore many options to suit your property and your taste.

What to Consider When Installing Picket Railings

In a basic picket rail setup, the system consists of a top rail and bottom rail with vertical pickets and a post approximately every six feet. You may choose from generic or standard rail styles most picket railing installers offer or have your railing customized. In a customized picket railing system, you may choose different options for the following elements of your picket rail:

Picket railings can be made from a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, wrought or cast iron, timber, and plastic. Aluminum is superior compared to wrought iron as it is stronger and more durable.

Railing Style
Standard picket rails are the big-box style that has a top rail and bottom rail and full height vertical pickets. Picket rails with added mid-rail are popular and economical, so it’s best to choose one that works for you.

Rail Top and Post
There are many picket rail top styles to choose from — from the contemporary standard style with a low 2-inch profile to a wide profile and even a custom profile, as well as railing posts.

Rail Pickets
Although the standard rail picket is 5/8” square, you can opt to replace any or all of the pickets with a wide variety of rail picket styles such as wide slate picket rail, twisted picket rail, belly picket rail, etc.

Kelowna Picket Railings from the Glass Experts

Newtown Glass ventured into the glass business more than 15years ago. Since then, we have specialized in the design, installation, repair, and renovation of glass structures in residential and commercial applications, with glass railings being among them. Although we promote glass railings as an excellent product to our customers, we felt that our railing installation service will be even more beneficial to our clients if we can offer them more options. We offered picket railings and continue to do so at present believing that these products have their merits and offer a competitive advantage.

We have designed and installed hundreds of Kelowna picket railings. We have worked on projects of different complexity for various types of homes. In all our railing installations, high quality, expert workmanship, and superior functionality have always been our hallmark.

Our Professional Kelowna Picket Railings Installation Service

As railings experts, we can recommend suitable railing options for you upon knowing your requirements. We’ll incorporate your ideas if feasible into the plan we shall be creating for your desired Kelowna picket railings.

We carry out our plan efficiently. Our picket railings experts arrive at your house complete with all the necessary materials and supplies ready to begin the job. They work independently and seamlessly without getting you involved at any time during the installation. This means you can continue to attend to your regular household work or business. Our staff will complete the project according to agreed-upon specifications, timing, and budget requirements. We’ll let you assess the finished structure and have your approval before we turn it over to you.

Why Choose Newtown Glass for your Kelowna Picket Railings?

We have the expertise and skills to provide you with the Kelowna picket railings you desire for your home.
We have over 15 years of experience building Kelowna picket railings for all types of homes. Aside from this, our railings professionals continue to undergo training to upgrade their skills and knowledge on picket railing technology.

We offer a wide variety of picket railing systems to suit your needs.
We have available designs or can customize Kelowna picket railings that address both your functional and aesthetic requirements.

We use high-grade materials in our Kelowna picket railings installations.
We believe that picket railings are only as durable and reliable as the materials they are made with that is why we use only the highest t quality materials in all our Kelowna picket railings projects.

Our Kelowna picket railings can add value to your home.
You get the best value from our picket railing installation. They are affordable, high durability, high-reliability products that can last many years and add value to your home.

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Picket Railings Experts? Contact Us Now!

If you’re looking to install picket railings as a functional and aesthetic enhancement to your decks, balconies, terraces, patios, and stairs, work with the professionals. Newtown Glass has experts who can help you. Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.