We measure and install a variety of different shower doors, giving you the ultimate look for your new bathroom. With a variety of material finishes and hardware options, our local Kelowna Shower Glass Experts can help you feel at ease by giving you simple cutting-edge options that will enhance the look of your bathroom forever. Call us for a free estimate for new installations or services to an existing shower enclosure.

Shower doors don’t just provide you with privacy when using the bathroom, they give your guests a first impression of what your shower is like before they even use it. That is where the importance of Kelowna shower doors lies. It is more than just an optional addition to enhancing your home interior but a valuable piece that increases your property value. To make sure the vision you have for your bathroom is realized exactly as you imagined, trust only experts of Kelowna shower door installation. Glass Project Solutions has over 25 years of combined experience in the glass industry to cater to all your Kelowna shower doors requests.

Top Reasons to Invest in Premium Kelowna Shower Doors

You must be thinking, isn’t it more important to renovate your bathroom interior rather than the door? What makes shower doors so important anyway that people spend much on them? Below are reasons that will convince you that a Kelowna shower door installation is a good idea:

Kelowna shower doors will impress your guests. What are the chances that your guests will use the bathroom when they visit? There’s a huge probability that they will. After all, the shower is the most heavily trafficked room in your home because everyone needs to use it on a near hourly basis. A modern glass shower door will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Kelowna shower doors will enhance the safety of your bathroom. Old shower doors tend to be wobbly and unstable so they can’t provide adequate support especially for people with physical limitations, such as the elderly. A Kelowna shower door installation by professionals will ensure that your new shower door is not only beautiful but also well-structured and stable.

Kelowna shower doors can give your home a modern new look. Glass shower doors are among the most popular designs for shower doors installed across the globe. But because glass is so tricky to work with, not everyone has the skills and expertise to install them accurately. Trust only experienced and reputable experts for your Kelowna shower door installation like Glass Project Solutions.

Kelowna shower doors can maximize your limited bathroom space. Having a shower door that is customized specifically for your bathroom is essential in ensuring its space efficiency. Poorly fitted shower doors can take up too much space making it uncomfortable to use the bathroom instead. To secure the best Kelowna shower doors for your home, trust Glass Project Solutions only.

Signs that Your Glass Shower Door Needs Repair

Studies show that the average time a person spends in the bathroom per week is at least 1.5 hours. It may not seem like a lot but from a bigger perspective, it equals six months out of your entire life that you spent in the bathroom. That’s how important the bathroom is as a part of your home.

The shower door is just as important of an element to your bathroom as its other components. Here’s how to know when to book a Kelowna shower door installation:

The shower door has visible signs of wear and tear.
This is an obvious signal that your shower door is begging to get replaced. Being in a wet environment, shower doors break down faster. Go for materials that are more durable and waterproof such as glass.

The shower door is leaking.
If water seeps through your shower door and is making your floor wet, then take that as a sign to have it repaired or replaced altogether. Consider having your Kelowna shower doors made from glass so they can withstand water better.

The shower door gets your fingers pinched.
Showering should be a relaxing activity you look forward to, not a risky event where you fear getting your fingers pinched. Unfortunately, old shower doors don’t close correctly anymore making them a safety hazard.

The shower door makes a noise each time it opens and closes.
A shower door that creaks is no good. Get professional Kelowna shower door installation by experts so your home can finally get the shower door it deserves—zero leaks, rust-free, and absolutely no creaking sounds.

Different Types of Kelowna Shower Doors to Choose From

Transcend, Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures
Transcend is a truly innovative shower glass enclosure system, with 2″ Exposed Rollers and 1″ Diameter Headers. 3/8” and 1/2″ thick shower glass, precision-cut safety glass with high polished edges available in more than a dozen styles, is actuated by luxuriously robust stainless-steel components.

Silhouette Elite Showers
Silhouette takes another unique angle and approach to updating traditional Swing shower doors. Silhouette Elite minimizes sight lines by eliminating aluminum headers and center posts, yet still achieves unmatched water protection.

Vision Collection
Vision with its distinctive looks eliminates the metal framing around the doors by using 3/16″ thick shower glass with polished edges. Vision´s majestic looks are in a class of its own. The Vision Collection offers the most options and flexibility of any shower door in its class. Durable, high-quality aluminum is offered in a variety of different metal finishes or powder-coated colors.

Accent Collection
If you are looking for exceptionally high quality and design built to last a lifetime, then the Accent shower door is your first choice. All swing and slider shower doors in the Accent Collection incorporate several design features that ensure an attractive, easy to clean shower enclosure. Having pioneered the technology for securely attaching hardware through holes in the glass, the Accent Collection uses the strongest method of fastening and results in years of trouble-free operation.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for your Kelowna Shower Doors Needs?

Many can install Kelowna shower doors for you but if you have high expectations, you really shouldn’t settle for just anyone. Go for trusted experts in Kelowna shower door installation to make sure you never regret your decision. You should choose Glass Project Solutions because:

We are reputable experts for Kelowna shower door installation.
Glass Project Solutions is among the most trusted installers for glass shower doors in the area. We have the solid background and track record to prove that we are masters at Kelowna shower door installation.

We make brand-new modern shower doors at affordable prices.
Our talented team can design the shower door of your dreams to fit your home perfectly. We make frameless glass shower doors, modern shower doors, and so much more at reasonable rates.

We have a talented and friendly team on our side.
The Glass Project Solutions team is composed of professional shower door installers who have solid experience in the industry and are service-minded. Our experts can deploy tried-and-true techniques and use new equipment on your shower door.

We work hard to achieve results that exceed your expectations.
We always go above and beyond to make sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded. We have a creative team ready to meticulously design a modern shower door for you and a skillful squad to execute the plans flawlessly.

We design shower doors with consideration for both function and aesthetics.
Enjoy a luxurious new shower door that enhances your home interior without compromising the safety of your family and guests. Our shower doors are not all about visuals only, but they also provide you with convenience and accessibility.

We use only the best materials for Kelowna shower doors.
Whether you want a frameless all-glass door or a combination of different materials, we will make sure that only those of premium quality are used to install your new door. We carefully select each piece that is used in our Kelowna shower door installation.

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