Kelowna Shower Glass

Kelowna Shower Glass

One of the bathroom improvement projects that can freshen up your space, enhance your relaxation, and increase the value of your Kelowna home is the installation of shower glass. Your bathroom upgrade with the addition of a glass shower enclosure can let you enjoy shower time and make it become your favorite moment of the day.


Top Reasons Why You Should Install Shower Glass in Your Bathroom

The shower curtains in your bathroom are outmoded, look very dull, and unattractive. They cause water to spill on the floor that may lead to slips and falls. It is high time you consider a far better modern alternative – Kelowna shower glass. There’s a host of reasons why you should install shower glass in your bathroom.

1. Shower glass enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.Unlike shower curtains that are out of fashion and appear messy, shower glass is modern, eye-catching, and visually appealing.

2. Shower glass makes the space more organized and sophisticated.Glass shower enclosures have a sleek appearance and stylish look that provide for an amazing showering experience.

3. Glass enclosures create a feeling of more space. Compared to restrictive shower curtains that make the area feel narrow and confined, glass showers create the illusion of additional space.

4. Shower glass makes the space brighter. Since they are clear or translucent, glass enclosures let light pass through making the space brighter. They can eliminate the need for artificial lighting.

5. Shower glass accentuates the shower space.The availability of different glass patterns and glass door designs to choose from allows you to immediately make the shower area the center of attention from guests.

6. Shower glass is easy to clean and practically maintenance-free.A squeegee or spraying a cleaning solution on it preferably followed by a soft cloth is all it takes to give you the clearest shine.

7. Glass shower cubicle eliminates water seepage.The glass shower cubicle completely seals the space, making it impossible for water to escape outside. Dry flooring outside the shower area can help to prevent accidents from slips and falls.

8. Shower glass enclosures enhance the overall look and décor of the place.Transparent shower glass offers a crystal clear view of the tile designs and patterns.

9. Shower glass can be customized to suit your needs. The glass shower enclosures can be designed and cut to fit the size and size of your shower area and suit your other needs.

10. Limitless design options for shower glass are available. There are many shower glass designs available to suit any bathroom. On the glass alone, you can opt for various types, finish, and design such as clear, translucent, smooth, matte, frosted, etc.

11. Shower glass offers high safety standards. Designed for safety, glass showers are typically made of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass. It is not prone to breaking in normal applications such as in glass doors. The glass in shower enclosures is also thicker

12. Shower glass is a practical alternative to a bath.Shower glass provides a stylish and practical showering solution compared to a bath. You can step in and out easily, ideal for replacing a bath that’s never used.

13. Shower glass provides your home with increased overall value.The shower glass’ modern, stylish look and elegance plus all the other benefits it offers effectively provide higher overall value to your home.

What to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Shower Glass

With so many styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes available, choosing the perfect shower glass to fit your space and match your décor can be challenging. What should your considerations be in deciding which option to choose for your Kelowna shower glass?

Renovation Budget
With the wide selection of styles, shapes, and sizes, you are only limited by your budget when choosing the perfect Kelowna shower glass for your bathroom. From the start how much your allocated budget is for the project. Consider not just the cost of the enclosure, but also installation. Labor costs will vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the installation, and your geographic location.

Your Bathroom Space
Decide on the location of your new Kelowna shower glass installation in your bathroom. It’s often most cost-effective and practical to have a new enclosure based upon the footprint and space of your current shower. With that configuration, you won’t have to bother relocating other fixtures, which could add cost and time to the project.

Decorating Style
You can highlight your bathroom’s design scheme and your personal style preferences through your shower glass. You might opt for a uniquely shaped enclosure such as curved semicircles and boxy rectangles.

Shower Glass
Safety should be your top priority. Shower doors must be constructed with safety glazing. Consider tempered glass which shatters into pellets, rather than shards when it breaks. It will prevent injury to people. Another major consideration is frameless or framed shower glass. Frameless glass has the advantage of being more visually aesthetic, functional, easier to clean, feels brighter and lighter, and minimizes mold risks. It however costs more, doesn’t have seals around its door that bind it with the shower wall and floor.

Functionality and Foot Traffic
If your shower is used daily by multiple people, you will want to invest in materials that can withstand such constant use. The perfect glass shower enclosure for your particular need should have materials that resist wear-and-tear well.

Shower Hardware
Shower door hardware should be compatible with the other bathroom fixtures to create a unified look. This includes the cabinet handles, towel bars, and faucet finishes. Be sure all those hardware matches well.

Why Hire Kelowna Shower Glass Professionals for Your Glass Shower Project?

Working with professionals for your Kelowna shower glass installation is key in making your idea of a dream shower and bathroom a reality. Choosing a qualified Kelowna shower glass company will ensure the success of your bathroom upgrade project. You will get the following benefits working with professionals:

  1. They can guide you in planning and installing your Kelowna shower glass and making the most out of your shower investment.
  2. They have been in the business, particularly working with glass and shower upgrade projects. They know what they’re doing.
  3. They are licensed to practice their trade and are insured. Some Kelowna shower glass companies can work directly with your insurance, which can bring your costs down when dealing with replacement or repair.
  4. They have an established customer service procedure and employ best practices such as the availability of a quick response team and KPI measurement.
  5. They are abreast of modern glass technology and installation techniques. Aside from their years of experience, they usually undergo advanced training where they learn new skills and knowledge.
  6. They have a reliable after-sales service. They can render assistance, especially during emergencies when you need them.
  7. They have a strong procurement and installation process to ensure quality materials and jobs. They source their glass from leading manufacturers.

Kelowna Shower Glass Installation from Glass Experts

Glass Project Solutions is the professional Kelowna shower glass company you can work with on shower upgrade projects. We specialise in the design, fabrication, installation, repair, and replacement of glass structures in the home and office. Glass is our expertise and we deal with just about anything made of glass from glass windows and glass doors, to bathroom enclosures to mirrors.

Our philosophy of providing value through quality workmanship and excellent customer service guides our business and our staff to consistently deliver the results that delight our valued customers every time. Our licensed and insured glass specialists are friendly and customer-driven. They have many years of experience on glass projects of all sizes and complexity, Kelowna shower glass installation included. Our professional personnel undergoes advanced technical training on new glass and glass installation technology to be abreast of developments in our field and be able to apply the new knowledge and skills to our job.

For the past 15 years, our glass service and Kelowna shower glass installation, in particular, has made us the service provider of choice for hundreds of homeowners in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Summerland, Lake Country, Osoyoos, Penticton, and Vernon.

Our Professional Shower Glass Installation Service

Your ideas, needs, and preferences are our most important considerations when designing your Kelowna shower glass. From your inputs in our initial discussion, we’ll guide you in making the choice for your glass shower enclosure. We can also recommend solutions and improvement options for you to consider for your Kelowna shower glass design. We’ll only start the project upon your concurrence of the plan. We will implement a seamless execution of the project plan. You won’t be necessarily bothered as we carry out our job in a safe and systematic manner we’re used to. Our work will be confined to just the bathroom so you can continue with your regular household activities. We will update you on important developments with your Kelowna glass shower project as they come. Expect us to complete the installation according to the agreed upon deadline, budget, and other specifications.


Why Choose Newtown Glass for your Kelowna Shower Glass Installation?

We have over 15 years of experience in the glass business.
Our experience with Kelowna shower glass installation, which is just as long, is something you can bank on when working with us.

We have a track record of exceptional customer service.
Our excellent service has provided our clients with a unique customer experience they value. We go out of our way to satisfy reasonable customer requirements. We also render emergency service.

Our Kelowna shower glass is designed to withstand many years of service.
Many hours of design and engineering are put into their creation. Our Kelowna shower glass installation is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

We use high-quality materials in all of our bathroom products.
Glass, the most important component of our products, is sourced from leading quality glass manufacturers. The use of this glass and other materials guarantees the quality and long service life of your Kelowna shower glass.

We have highly-experienced and skilled personnel.
The technical capability and skills of our staff are among the best in the industry. The quality of their workmanship is top-notch.

We use modern installation techniques and use state-of-the-art tools and equipment.
We employ the latest methods and equipment in our Kelowna shower glass installation to ensure safety and efficiency.

We have a wide range of glass and product options you can choose from.
We are a one-stop-shop that supplies a wide spectrum of glass and glass products for all types of applications.

We have a competitive price.
Check our price out and see for yourself how competitive our Kelowna shower glass installation service is with our peers in the business. Using glass for your shower enclosure shouldn’t be expensive!

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Glass Experts? Contact Us Now!

Shower curtains are a thing of the past. Consider replacing them with Kelowna shower glass to be up-to-date, stylish, and elegant. Also, if your bath is effectively becoming just décor in your bathroom because of infrequent or non-use, a Kelowna shower glass installation is a better alternative. It will let you get in, take a shower, and get out with ease and without hassle.

Glass Project Solutions is the Kelowna shower glass expert you can work with for your bathroom upgrade project. Call us now to discuss your Kelowna shower glass installation needs and request for a free consultation.