Kelowna Shower Screens

A glass shower screen offers numerous benefits. It gives a high-end look, artistic, and simply beautiful. It is one of the parts of the house that increases the overall value of your property. Taking a shower is a pleasurable experience with a glass shower. There are many considerations in the installation of shower screens that only an experienced glass company would know. You shouldn’t assign your shower screen project to any regular glass installers or construction personnel. You may not get the full benefits from your glass shower screens if you do.

Everyone looks forward to a nice warm shower after a long day at work. Most people take showers for granted but showers are responsible for making us feel rejuvenated and relaxed. That is why it is always a good idea to level up your bathroom and one of the best ways to do that is to book a Kelowna shower screen installation for your very own glass shower screen. Glass shower screens can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom making it more relaxing and opulent at the same time. Kelowna shower screens will wow your guests, make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again, and increase your property value at the same time.

Top Reasons Why Glass Shower Screens Are Best

Before booking a Kelowna shower screen installation service, it would be best to have at least a rough idea of how you want your shower screen to come out. You can look up inspirations on Kelowna shower screens and there you’ll find that glass is the most popular material used for shower screens.

You’re about to get convinced to use glass for your Kelowna shower screen installation too because this material offers many benefits. Here’s why it is so ideal for shower screens:

Glass is waterproof and easy to clean.
It’s not surprising that the bathroom environment is always wet, humid, and cold. Porous material, such as wood, can’t last very long in those types of environments because the moisture will cause them to degrade. Glass, on the other hand, is non-porous so it is completely waterproof and suitable for wet settings.

Glass makes spaces look luxurious and expensive.
If your bathroom is small, you can make it seem less enclosed and suffocating by using glass for your Kelowna shower screen installation. Because glass is see-through, it doesn’t completely block the view so your space will appear more spacious plus lighting is dispersed better.

Glass is durable and long-lasting.
Glass may seem like the most fragile of all construction materials, but it is actually tougher than you think. With experts of Kelowna shower screen installation to choose the right glass sheet for your shower screen, you will experience the full benefits of glass and see how it can last much longer than other materials.

Glass offers many design options.
Many hesitate to use glass for their Kelowna shower screens because it is transparent, so they fear getting seen from the outside. But you can have your glass shower screen frosted, tinted, or textured to suit your taste and needs. In fact, the possibilities are endless when it comes to glass that is why it is a top choice among homeowners.

Glass is economical in the long run.
Not only will glass last longer in the bathroom than plastic, wood, and metal but it can also help you save on your light bill. Glass maximizes lighting, be it natural or artificial lighting, so you won’t have to turn on as much lighting when using the bathroom. Kelowna shower screens use glass for their cost-effective benefits.

Signs that Your Shower Screen Must Be Replaced

If you have been considering having your shower screen replaced or repaired for some time now, there must be a reason that convinced you it’s time to book a Kelowna shower screen installation. If you can relate to the problems listed below, then it’s definitely time for new Kelowna shower screens:

You clean up mildew too often.
Mildew occurs more frequently on porous materials such as wood. Eventually, the moisture will eat up the material and deform or damage them. Before it’s too late, switch to a glass shower screen and enjoy the benefits of not having to clean often.

You can see rust on the frames of your shower screen. Because the bathroom is a wet and moist environment, it’s not surprising for metal shower frames to rust. Consider frameless Kelowna shower screens in your bathroom and you won’t have to deal with this!

You don’t feel relaxed when taking a shower. If you feel like getting out of the shower as soon as you step in, then you must not feel comfortable with your shower. Using glass for your Kelowna shower screen installation can guarantee a more tranquil ambiance for your bathroom.

You hear creaking noises when opening the shower screen. Not only are creaking shower screens annoying, but they are also warning signs that you need a new shower screen right away. This is because your shower screen may break down at any time and be a safety hazard.

Kelowna Shower Screens from Glass Experts

For your Kelowna shower screens installation, Glass Project Solutions is the most qualified company you can get. We have over 15 years of experience in the installation of glass structures and fixtures for homes and offices. We have worked on hundreds of glass projects for our residential and commercial clients that include simple glass doors to the more complex full-glass store. Glass shower screens are just one in the full line of glass products we install for the homeowners of the Okanagan. We serve clients in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon. We have built a reputation for being an outstanding service provider that offers excellent customer service and quality workmanship, the reason we are the most preferred glass service company in the area.

We have the most qualified service professionals for your Kelowna shower screens. They are certified, fully licensed, and insured. We are equipped with modern equipment and tools and use the most advanced methods and techniques in glass handling, cutting, and processing, guaranteeing that your Kelowna shower screens will be perfectly designed, set up, and installed.

Our Glass Shower Screen Installation and Repair Services

Your needs and requirements are our priority. We shall discuss them and incorporate them into our plan. We shall recommend the most appropriate design for your shower screens that will consider your inputs from our consultation and budget and timing targets.

We use tempered glass panels of the highest quality sourced from our accredited industry-leading suppliers. We generally use ½ in. thick glass panels for your utmost safety and an equally robust 3/8 in. glass door, hinged either on the wall or to the glass panel. The materials we use coupled with our perfect installation will let your Kelowna shower screens serve you for a long, long time even with constant use and will not cause you an unnecessary replacement.

We work seamlessly to avoid undue disturbance to your regular household activities outside of the shower area. You will regularly be updated on the progress of our job, and we shall conclude our project only upon your final approval.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for Your Kelowna Shower Screen Needs?

Glass is not an easy material to work with, in fact, it is one of the trickiest materials to use for Kelowna shower screens. One wrong move and the glass could crack and compromise the quality of your new shower screen. This could cause leaks and shorten the service life of your new shower screen.

For top-notch Kelowna shower screen installation, trust only Glass Project Solutions.

We follow keen project management.
Our dedicated team works hard to meet all deadlines timely while making sure the results exceed your expectations. We respect your budget and stay within it without compromising the output of our work.

We have a team of detail-oriented professionals.
Whatever your request for your shower screen is, we can make it happen. We will listen to your specifications closely to customize a shower screen design for you and execute it with accuracy to guarantee your satisfaction.

We charge affordable prices for Kelowna shower screens.
At Glass Project Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best shower screens in Kelowna without emptying their pockets. We offer great discounts on labor and material charges to suit your budget.

We have over 25 years of experience in the glass industry.
Our solid background and skill set in Kelowna shower screen installation allow us to offer you unparalleled customer service and exceptional results. The Glass Project Solutions boasts of its combined experience of more than 25 years.

We handpick glass materials to be used for your Kelowna shower screen installation.
Not all glass sheets are the same—we know because we have been in the industry for decades. Our extensive experience with glass has equipped us with knowledge and a sharp eye to tell premium glass from ordinary ones. We will use only the best quality glass on our Kelowna shower screens.

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Shower Screen Installation Experts? Contact Us Now!

Don’t waste hundreds of dollars trying to achieve the perfect shower screen of your dreams with other shower screen installers. At Glass Project Solutions, we guarantee to get it right the first time so you can enjoy great savings. Call us today to schedule your Kelowna shower screen installation—our friendly team will be waiting for you!