Kelowna Window Glass Sealed Unit Repair

Modern technology has made it possible to design more energy-efficient windows such as the sealed window unit. A sealed window unit is a window made of two or more panes of glass, separated by a spacer bar and filled with air, argon, or krypton. The gas is a poor conductor of heat, creating a barrier between the warm room and the cold temperature outside. The unit is sealed around the edges making the window airtight. Sealed window units are also known as thermal units, thermo, insulated glazing, or insulating glass units (IGUs).

The Benefits of a Sealed Window Unit

Sealed window units are an advanced glazing technology that has enhanced properties and performance compared to single pane glass. Its benefits include the following:

  • Its insulating properties ensure you are warm on cold days and cool on warm days.
  • You use less energy and pay less in electricity bills.
  • Less electricity use in turn creates a lower carbon footprint.
  • The safety of your home increases. Sealed window units are harder to break and are sealed tighter than other windows.
  • They reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes. The airtight seals prevent condensation build-up and mold development.
  • More sealed units result in less noise. If your home is located in a generally noisy area, this benefit is important to you.

Common Causes of Sealed Units Failure

Even as they have been designed well and installed robustly, sealed window units can fail over time due to different causes that can cause damage to the seal including:

  • Harsh weather conditions and strong winds that put pressure on the glass panes, as well as changes in temperature
  • A process called solar pumping is one of the main reasons window seals fail eventually. In this process, the sun shines down on the window causing the glass to expand while overnight, the glass cools and shrinks.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Excessive physical force exerted on the glass or a projectile that hits it
  • Faulty window installation that results in pressure on the panes.

Any of these causes may result in air leakage and the sealed unit may no longer provide effective insulation.

Signs that Your Sealed Unit Needs Repair

The most obvious sign your sealed unit needs repair is mist inside the glass unit and condensation inside the window. It is the immediate sign that your window seal is broken. Often, you can spot the moisture only in the corners. Even then, this means your seal is busted and needs to be fixed. Considerable heat loss in the room from the inefficient and poorly maintained sealed unit is another indicator of your sealed window unit needing repair.

Fixing your sealed unit yourself is by no means quick and easy. You have to have the skillset, a lot of tools, several hours, and patience. Your Kelowna sealed unit repair is a tedious technical process best left to the professionals.

Kelowna Window Glass Sealed Unit Repair from Glass Experts

Contacting a window repair specialist is the best way to go if you think you need to have your sealed unit repaired. In the Okanagan, Glass Project Solutions is the Kelowna sealed unit repair expert you can call. We have over 15 years of experience in the glass industry specializing in the supply, installation, repair, and replacement of glass structures in homes and businesses. Glass windows, particularly sealed units, are the items in our glass product offering that we have the highest number of units installed for our clients. We have likewise repaired thousands of sealed units to get them to deliver the optimum performance for households.

Quality workmanship and excellent customer service have been the hallmark of Glass Project Solutions. Our Kelowna sealed unit repair glass window specialists are among the most qualified service personnel in the business. Fully licensed and insured, they are highly experienced and trained in the modern methods of glass handling and processing. They are friendly professionals who strive to provide customers with the best experience.

Our Professional Kelowna Sealed Unit Repair Service

The primary aim of our Kelowna sealed unit repair service is to repair your sealed window unit rather than replace it. We’ll exhaust all possible repair options so you won’t have to spend on new replacement units.

There are however two reasons to consider a complete window replacement that we need for you to know:

1. Your existing window is beyond economic repair or replacement parts are no longer available. Go for a Kelowna sealed unit repair only if the total you would spend fixing your window is less than 50%.

2. You want energy efficiency performance improvement over your existing windows or if you are upgrading all windows to enhance the value of your property.

Our Glass Railings Service at Glass Project Solutions

Along with satisfying your needs and preferences, your safety and protection is our major consideration in the installation of your glass railings. We build them secure, sturdy, and strong for your family’s safety, including children. We follow the applicable Building Code specifications in the construction of your railings for your balconies, porches, decks, and stairs.

We use 1/4” tempered railing glass sourced from our partner quality glass manufacturer supplier. This glass can endure normal bumps and everyday use and bad weather including strong winds. While offering the advantage of elegance, modern look, and transparency, glass can give the level of protection that is equal to those of other railings materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, ceramic, and composite materials.

You deserve the privilege of your home’s beautiful location overlooking pleasant scenery. Let our glass railings provide you the enjoyment of a natural view from your balcony or deck. Call us to know how we can help you and for a free consultation and estimate.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for your Kelowna Sealed Unit Repair Needs?

We are glass and window experts.
Our professionals are glass, windows, and most especially Kelowna sealed unit repair experts. We provide the best solutions to any of your issues.

We offer quality workmanship and professionalism.
The quality of our Kelowna sealed unit repair is the result of our many years of working on sealed unit projects and the professionalism of our staff.

Our solutions are cost-efficient.
Working with Glass Project Solutions Kelowna sealed unit repairs is cost-efficient. Aside from our highly competitive price, you also get the assurance our job is at the highest standards.

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You may be a DIY enthusiast but a Kelowna sealed unit repair is one job that is not meant for you. Leave the work to us. All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest. Call us today for a free home estimate.