Kelowna Window Repair

Windows do not only permit air and light into your house and protect you from the elements. They are also one of the more prominent parts of your house that enhance its aesthetic design and can add value to your property. Glass windows are even more impressive features of a house. However, they do break when accidents or disasters happen and get dilapidated over time when not properly maintained. Glass windows are too valuable to be neglected. Broken and damaged glass windows need repair and replacement by expert glass window installers to bring them back to their original attractive look and quality.

Because windows are such a vital part of your home’s exterior and inside, you can’t ignore symptoms of deterioration once you notice them. When visitors first arrive at your home, they will notice your windows, and they will most likely look out of them while they are inside. Simply put, whether gazing through or at a window, people will always stare at it. To retain a high value for your property, you must invest in your windows and ensure that they are always in good condition. This is especially important if you intend to sell your property as an investment.

Having your Kelowna windows repaired is always a good idea, whether you aim to improve your home’s appeal or simply preserve your already-beautiful property. A home with functional and appealing Kelowna windows appears to be well-maintained, which appeals to both house guests and potential buyers if the property is for sale. Kelowna windows with wooden or steel frames are just one example of the different varieties of windows available for your home. However, glass is the most popular and best material for Kelowna windows.

Top Reasons Why Glass is Ideal for Kelowna Windows

Kelowna windows have a dual purpose: they give residents an unimpeded view of the outside world from the comfort of their homes, and they also provide safety. Many people consider glass to be a very fragile material, so they aren’t fond of it being used to make Kelowna windows. When it comes to Kelowna windows, however, glass has many advantages:


Glass is stronger than most people think. While it’s true that glass can shatter and become a safety hazard, it is still a very strong material that can keep you safe inside your home. The advantage of glass windows is that there is no in-between; it’s either in good condition or broken. Unlike wood that can look durable on the outside but is already very compromised on the inside, you can clearly see when your glass needs a repair based on visible cracks.

Glass holds up against dirt, sand, and microparticles. It’s very easy to scratch materials such as plastic, wood, and even metal. Glass Kelowna windows, on the other hand, are more resistant to scratches. When the wind blows, it carries tiny particles such as sand and dirt along with it that can scratch your windows if they are made of weak material. If you have glass windows, you can trust that they will hold up against those scratch-causing particles.

Glass is solid and sturdy. Glass sheets must be thin enough to be suitable enough to be used for a Kelowna window repair or replacements. The good thing is that glass is solid enough to maintain its stiffness and durability even when it’s thin. Plastics and wood, however, bend and fold easily when they are cut too thinly. With this, glass makes a more ideal material to be used npt only for windows but for other areas in the house, too.

Glass windows help with energy conservation. The most notable benefit of glass windows is that you will save a significant amount of energy. Because glass does not block light, it can efficiently illuminate the interior of your home. You can also add movable shades or drapes to control how much light enters your home. Glass appears basic and clean, giving you plenty of room to customize your home to your desire without going overboard.


Kelowna Window Repair Experts

Glass Project Solutions is a professional Kelowna window repair company with over 15 years of experience with glass structures for residential and commercial. We help homeowners and business owners enhance the quality and beauty of their buildings through the installation of glass windows, among other glass products. We likewise specialize in the repair, replacement, and renovation of old, broken, and damaged glass windows. We are committed to serving existing customers we have installed windows for and to new clients whose windows were installed by other suppliers.

Our skilled technical specialists are just as experienced in the repair of windows as they are in their installation. They are fully licensed and insured, delivering excellent service our company has been known for in the Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon areas. This brand of service plus our quality workmanship are the main reasons our company is the preferred service provider for Kelowna window repair since 2005.

Our Professional Window Repair Service

Our Kelowna window repair services start with a consultation with you. A qualified technician will visit your home to discuss your preferences for a range of window replacement styles. They will measure for your new windows, explain any concerns with your home’s energy efficiency, and answer any questions you may have. This ensures you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing new metal-clad, wood or vinyl windows for your home.

We are capable of repairing and replacing glass windows of all types such as picture windows, slider or horizontal roller windows, awning windows, casement windows, jalousie windows, external glass walls, and impact windows. The replacement windows we install are tried and tested and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

We choose the latest in technology when it comes to windows, which includes designs utilizing Insulated Frames and Lo-E3 solar reflective glass with argon gas. We can even change the spacers inside the glass to Increase the glass efficiency by 60%. These features keep the temperature consistent inside your home. All of these options are a cheap and effective way to increase the efficiency of your window.

We take out the entire existing frame and parts from your home and replace them with newly updated parts and materials. We currently use the highest quality polyurethane spray foam insulation, as well as foam insulated frames. This ensures that your home will exceed energy star ratings for our hot Kelowna summers, and cold winters.


Why Hire Newtown Glass for Your Kelowna Window Repair Needs?

While many professionals can install or repair your windows nowadays, only a few can fit a glass window perfectly. When it comes to safety, don’t take chances; trust on Newtown Glass for all of your glass window needs.

We handpick premium glass to be used for your Kelowna window repair service.
We are not only professionals in glass window installation, but we also have a keen eye for selecting high-quality glass sheets for your windows. For your Kelowna window repair or replacement, we will utilize only the highest quality glass sheets.

We keep our Kelowna window repair rates competitive.
Many people are hesitant to utilize glass as the primary material for their windows because of the high cost, but Newtown Glass can provide you with them at relatively low prices. When you buy glass supplies from us, you can enjoy zero mark-ups.

We can accommodate all your Kelowna window repair requests.
Newtown Glass creates glass windows that are both functional and attractive. Your new glass window can be customized to accent your home and meet your lifestyle perfectly. When it comes to glass windows, we’re up for any challenge.

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Window Repair Experts? Contact Us Now!

For glass window installation, repair, or replacement services, trust only the experts who have a proven track record in the industry. Glass Project Solutions Ltd provides the highest standard of glass installation and repair services. Our friendly customer service team is on standby to receive your calls and cater to your requests! Call us or send us an to have your windows fixed or replaced by experts right away!