Kelowna Wire Railings

Wire railings are safety rails that use horizontal or vertical metal wires for infill. The system allows for an open view and superior ventilation. The design creates an industrial aesthetic and complements a Kelowna contemporary style home. Wire railings are popular among homeowners due to the following reasons:

They provide an unobstructed view. The best thing about wire railings is that they enhance the openness of your balcony, terraces, deck, patio, or porch preserving your view of the surroundings and allowing you to relax and enjoy your outdoor living space.

They are highly durable and low maintenance. Wire railing is a minimalistic solution. It can withstand harsh weather and wear and is corrosion resistant. It can also stand up to hundreds of pounds of force without breaking. Wiping it is all you need to upkeep.

They are safe. With a good quality wire railing, the safety of risk-prone areas such as stairs and high decks is enhanced. Properly tensioned, wire railings are safe for children and small pets.

They add value to your property. Kelowna wire railings are an excellent addition to your home. Their stylish design can add value to your property.

What to Consider When Installing Wire Railings

Before you decide on having wire railings installed for your deck, balcony, porch, or terraces, consider the following aspects.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Railings

Horizontal Railings

In a horizontal wire railing, the rails run alongside the deck, porch, etc. This railing has these advantages:

It is cheaper than vertical because it requires fewer materials and hardware to build and install.

It is easier to install again due to the fewer materials needed for the installation.

It is more versatile. You have a wider array of materials that you could use allowing you a higher degree of flexibility in design.

It provides you with a nice view of the outdoor surroundings and the feeling of openness and security.

Vertical Railings

In a vertical wire railing, steel cables are tightly pulled between the top and bottom rails. The cables used in the vertical wire railing are typically black powder-coated iron to make them compliment the modern look of a home. They are, however not compatible with homes that do not have a modern design. Similar to a horizontal wire railing, vertical wire railing enhances the openness of your deck or balcony making it feel and look bigger.

Materials for Your Wire Railings & Post

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel railings are durable and tough even in the harshest weather conditions making them popular in places with blistering heat or heavy snow. They are quite heavy and more difficult to install.

Though not as tough compared to stainless steel, aluminum comes with powder coating, which makes it resistant to rust and almost maintenance-free. Other than the need to hose it down from time to time, it does not need extra care to maintain its beauty. Aluminum is more economical than steel. It is also lighter, thus easier to transport, process, and install.

The type of wood used will determine the longevity of your railings but wood generally has a limited lifespan. Wood posts have a warm and inviting appearance. The wood material adds to the uniqueness of your décor, is cheaper, and stays cool during hot weather.

Metal has a much longer lifespan than wood. In the long run, metal posts are cost-effective as they will not require replacement. They also offer more versatility as a décor. Metal conducts heat and gets hot when it gets into contact with direct sunlight.

Kelowna Wire Railings from the Railing Experts

Glass Project Solutions started in the glass business. We have over 15 years of experience in glass specializing in the supply, installation, repair, and replacement of residential and commercial glass structures that include glass railings among many other glass products. Diversifying into other types of railings outside of the glass for us was a natural progression in our business. We are railings experts as we are glass experts. Even as glass railings are considered modern, elegant, and popular railings options, we want to be able to offer our customers more options for their railing needs. We made a business decision to include wire railings among our railings solutions.

We have worked on hundreds of Kelowna wire railings projects. These projects bear the same Glass Project Solutions quality we have known for years. Our Kelowna wire railings specialists have many years of experience in the design and installation of wire railings. Fully licensed and insured, they are friendly, reliable, and most importantly, customer service oriented.

Our Professional Kelowna Wire Railings Installation Service

We’ll guide you in the choice of the most appropriate wire railings for your Kelowna home. We consider your needs and expectations including factors such as your budget, your house’s style, and the weather condition in your area when we design and install wire railings . You can choose from a wide variety of pre-designed wire railing products we have or we can customize one to suit your specific requirements. Upon your approval of the project, our railing experts will execute the plan to completion. We carry out our job independently and seamlessly so you don’t have to get involved in it in any way except to get updated information from our staff about the progress of the work. We turn over the completed wire railing project to you upon your assessment and full acceptance.

Why Choose Glass Project Solutions for Your Kelowna Wire Railings Needs?

We are Kelowna wire railings experts.
Our expertise comes from our more than 15years of experience working on Kelowna wire railings projects and our continuous training to upgrade our skills on wire railings installation.

You get the best combination of beauty and functionality.
Our Kelowna wire railings are designed with your safety and the enhancement of your space in mind.

We have a wide variety of innovative wire railing designs
that can suit your home’s style and your discriminating taste.

We have a cost-effective Kelowna wire railings service.
You will find our Kelowna wire railings cost-effective. They are affordable. They are made of the highest quality materials and installed with expert workmanship that can let you enjoy your wire railings for many years without the need for upgrade or replacement.

Need the Service of Professional Kelowna Wire Railings Experts? Contact Us Now!

Wire railing projects have critical implications including safety, compatibility with your home’s style and aesthetics, and costs. If you consider wire railings for your home, contact Glass Project Solutions. As wire railings experts, we ensure you’ll get the best value product for your valuable home.