do you need glass backsplash when you renovate your kitchen?

Renovating your home to increase the value and elegance is a great investment. One of the rooms that will surely benefit from renovation is your kitchen. Not only will you get most of your investment back in resale value, but it can also increase the chances of finding someone interested in your home, as the kitchen is one of the most important areas for prospective buyers.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen

If you’re thinking you don’t need a renovation because you’re not planning on selling your house, here are even more reasons why you should try to make your kitchen more elegant.

Affordable and Easy Tips on Renovating Your Kitchen

If the cost of remodeling is throwing you off, keep in mind that you don’t have to overhaul the entire kitchen to increase its visual appeal and elegance. Simply upgrading your kitchen counters and other simple affordable changes can make a whole lot of difference

1. Use light wisely.

You’ll be surprised what a little well-placed lighting can do for your kitchen. Light sets the ambiance of the kitchen, so choose lighting fixtures that complement your kitchen design and gives you enough illumination when you’re working. A well-illuminated kitchen looks instantly more elegant than a dimly lit one.

For more energy-efficient lighting, you can renovate to add bigger windows that let natural ambient light in. Soft natural light will look marvelous when it hits a painted glass backsplash, which will instantly escalate your kitchen’s elegance.

2. Do not use synthetic materials.

Nothing ruins the elegance of your space than artificial materials, such as plastic adhesive sheets imitating a glass tile backsplash. They may look nice now, but given the high heat and humidity situation in the kitchen, they will soon show signs of wear and accumulate dirt and grime, which will make your kitchen look worse than when you started.

Since the counters and backsplash are the high-pressure areas in the kitchen, why not invest in authentic glass tile backsplash? They may be pricier but they last for years or even decades which can save you more in the long run.

3. Your kitchen countertop doesn’t have to be expensive.

Expensive does not automatically mean elegant. Although marble and granite countertops are the standard of elegance in the kitchen, they can be quite expensive. It may be wiser to opt for cheaper, yet elegant looking alternatives. Customized ceramic, laminate, or wood tiles or solid wood can look just as classy when styled effectively. Pair mid-range countertops with glass tile backsplash and you’ll get a kitchen that looks expensive without burning through your budget.

4. Play with colors.

Try to add a dash of color that will make your kitchen more visually appealing. Colored cabinets can go out in and out of style but painted glass backsplash below a neutral-colored cabinet is timeless. It can draw the eyes and make your design pop, giving your kitchen a modern elegant look.

Glass backsplash is robust, hygienic and they go well with any theme you are going for in your kitchen. You can choose from a plethora of colors with different shades to create your own masterpiece in the kitchen that expresses your personality.

5. Choose sanitary materials that can withstand the heat.

Your kitchen counter and its surroundings are where you prepare and cook food to serve your family, so choose materials that are elegant and practical at the same time. Painted glass backsplash does not need to be sealed or removed, hence it does not stain or get any mold or bacteria stuck in between seams and grout, unlike regular tiles, hence it is easier to keep clean. The material is also durable and it can withstand high heat and pressure without wearing out.

Get Your Painted Glass Backsplash Professionally Installed

Glass backsplash can be expensive, but it is well worth the investment given its durability and practical and aesthetic benefits. Make sure it is installed professionally by experts who can go around obstacles, prevent breakage, and handle delicate materials, so your kitchen can last for decades. Visit Glass Project Solutions for more information on kitchen glass backsplash installation.

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