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Shower glass enclosures can transform your bathroom giving your space a modern and premium feel. With sliding, framed, or frameless glass shower doors we provide the highest quality glass products and always ensure to deliver the best service. Our frameless or semi-frameless sliding glass shower doors can improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and help you get rid of those old shower curtains.

Different Types Of Shower Doors

10mm Frameless Swing Showers

A pivot shower door is a swinging door that has a pivot hinge allowing the door to open 180 degrees in either direction—inward or outward. The pivot hinge can be attached to one side of the door, or it can be center-mounted to create a revolving shower door. Pivot hinges are the design used on most ultra-modern curved glass shower doors.

Frameless Sliding Showers

Most sliding shower doors have metal tracks that guide the doors, but there are also frameless styles available, though these are considerably more expensive. A standard tracked sliding door is a low-cost, easy-to-install shower door.

Bypass Sliding Frameless Shower

Bypass shower doors are sliding doors, operating in much the same way as a patio door. Typically, they consist of two sliding glass panels that roll on tracks attached to the shower enclosure. The doors may simply slide in the tracks, or there may be mechanical rollers that assist the movement.

Elite Framed Swing Shower

Elite swing doors are a great way to have a semi-frameless look to your bathroom at less cost. These shower doors have a modern design that will keep your bathroom looking new and up to date. These doors have a ¼” thick out-swinging door and a 3/8” fixed panel for a solid appearance that is easier to open and close than a traditional 3/8” frameless shower door.

Silhouette Framed Sliding Shower

Silhouette doors are the most cost-effective option when it comes to glass shower doors. They have a minimalist look with thin posts and connecting channels with lots of glass for a great aesthetic. These doors are great for a guest bathroom or a cost-effective project that will look great for many years.

Tub Shields

Add some sparkle to your bathroom with sophisticated bathtub doors that go with any décor. This splash-proof bath door is made of 8-mm clear glass, providing you with a marvellous bathtub for years to come.

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If you are looking for glass shower door service near you, Glass Project Solutions can provide you with expert guidance and the best solutions for your glass enclosure! Our experienced installers will deliver fantastic results to make sure you receive nothing but the best.

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Our glass shower door installation team will provide you with the highest quality products and create custom solutions to meet your needs. For the installation of glass shower doors in Kelowna and the rest of Okanagan Valley reach out to Glass Project Solutions to receive free estimates on the installation and replacement of your glass shower doors.