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Smart glass and smart films are the newest innovation for your glass needs. Say goodbye to one-dimensional glass that could only offer basic functionality. Smart glasses and films offer dynamic solutions because it allows you to switch from clear to opaque or tinted in just one click. Enjoy advanced glass features that are not only visually appealing but also provide practical benefits such as glare reduction, UV protection, and room insulation.

Glass Project Solutions is committed to providing top-notch smart glass and smart film products. We believe that our clients deserve modern glass solutions that adapt to changing demands and needs. Smart glass and smart films are the future of glass.

Smart glass is a modern type of glass that can switch from transparent to opaque or tinted, and vice-versa. It is sandwiched between glass panels so you can install it just like regular glass. Tiny liquid crystal droplets in the film change in form when there’s electric flow. The electronic activity allows the glass to seamlessly change in appearance.

There are so many residential and commercial benefits of smart glass. This advanced glass solution offers privacy, energy efficiency, sun protection, and a modern aesthetic appeal. It’s versatile and can be used both in residential and commercial settings. Homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, and business buildings could all benefit from smart glass.

Do you have existing glass partitions that you want to convert into smart glass? The smart film is the ultimate solution. Upgrade your existing glass and windows using the smart film. It can be applied on fixed glass panels, sliding doors, interior and exterior windows, and regular doors. Installing the smart film will only take a few hours and it will be quick, mess-free, and seamless.

Smart film is a cost-efficient alternative to smart glass. It’s ideal for homes and commercial spaces that have existing glass panels in place. Office spaces, hotels and hospitals, meeting rooms, stores, and restaurants could be perfect for smart films. Homes with an existing glass fixture can also opt for a smart film to enjoy modern features while cutting costs.

Practical Applications of Our
Smart Glass & Smart Film Products


Modern homes now integrate smart glass and smart film in interior design. It offers unparalleled convenience that you could never get in a regular glass panel. It’s the next big thing in home design because it offers privacy, convenience, and energy-saving benefits. Install smart glass in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even garage.

Commercial Offices

Commercial offices could also greatly benefit from smart glass. Offices in high-rise buildings often struggle with blocking UV from entering the room. With smart glass, you won’t need blinds. Simply switch from clear to opaque to block harmful UV rays, and when it’s cool outside, you can switch back to clear and enjoy the scenic view from above again.

Windows and Doors

Need additional privacy on your doors and windows? Install the smart glass and smart films. With the modern features of smart glass and film, you can instantly increase privacy and improve insulation with just a few clicks. You can also save on energy consumption while reducing sun damage by adapting this technology to your home and office.

Walls and Partitions

Make a remarkable first impression on your clients by installing smart glass as walls and partitions of rooms. The smart features of the glass allow you to seamlessly switch appearance in just a few clicks. This modern innovation creates a modern feel in the room, and it brings a luxurious touch too.

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Glass Project Solutions brings smart glass and smart film technology to West Kelowna and nearby areas. Upgrade your space with the latest in glass solutions and experience exceptional features that make living more convenient and efficient. Our glass experts here in Glass Project Solutions will help you find the best glass solution for your commercial or residential space. With our expertise in glass installation, we’ll get it seamlessly installed in no time.

Professional Smart Glass Installations

Installing smart glass and film requires precision, skill, and attention to detail because there are so many things that could go wrong in the process. Our glass professionals here in Glass Project Solutions are skilled in installing smart glass and films. We can also customize the product depending on your architectural needs and aesthetic preference. As experts in smart glass and film installation, we follow an efficient system using modern tools and equipment so it’s ready in just a few hours.

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Are you looking for an expert glass and film providers and installers in Kelowna, Vernon, Summerland, and surrounding areas? Turn to Glass Project Solutions. We have experienced smart glass and film installers who can flawlessly achieve your desired results. Our skilled glass men are trained and equipped with the latest tools to ensure a successful and smooth installation. From smart glass supply to installation, only trust us as your ultimate smart glass provider.