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We understand that your patio and sunroom are more than just places to hang out. They’re an important part of your home so they need to be maintained to stay beautiful, safe, and functional. At Glass Project Solutions, we offer high-quality glass installation and repair services for all types of patios and sunrooms. 

Our team can repair and replace sunroom and patio covers of any shape and form in any situation. Whether you want to replace a cracked window, a damaged glass roof, or an old glass door with a new one, we’ve got what you need. We are professionals in handling glasswork so you have the peace of mind that your sunroom and patio covers are safely installed by a team you can trust. 

The sunroom is a useful home extension made mostly of glass and aluminum or wood frame. This structure is designed to let in lots of natural light from the sun and sky. It’s often used as an extension of the house for family gatherings or to relax in an environment that has just the right amount of warmth. 

Typically located in the front of a house and is usually made of glass and aluminum frame, it’s designed to capture the sun’s energy and warmth while keeping you protected from the elements. Sunrooms are often used as living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms and it’s also great spaces to grow plants and flowers, read books and magazines, or just relax. Growing plants in the sunroom help improve the quality of air in your home and it’s an excellent way to release happy hormones too. 

Moreover, sunrooms are great for adding more functional outdoor spaces to your home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the weather. Sunrooms are practical home upgrades because it increases the value of your home and it makes it easier to sell, it’s also a great place for recreation and entertaining guests in style. 

Different Types Of Sunroom and Patios

Sun Porches

A sun porch is a type of porch that is typically attached to the side of a house and oriented towards the south to maximize exposure to sunlight during the day and in the afternoon, especially during the warm summer months. Sun porches are often used as an extension of the living area and are usually enclosed with glass panels. It’s designed to let in lots of daylight and it gives you scenic views of the natural landscape while protecting you from adverse weather conditions.


Solariums are enclosed spaces, made almost completely of glass. Also called conservatories, the solarium is made to capture as much sunlight as possible, which is why the structure is almost entirely made of glass, including the walls and roof. Solariums are great outdoor spaces, they’re perfect for enjoying a beautiful view outdoors without the elements like rain, snow, sun, insects, and debris. You can also enjoy stargazing at night inside the solarium and the beautiful white and snowy sky in the winter.

Three Seasons Rooms

A three seasons room is a home extension that’s designed for a variety of weather conditions and situations. It’s typically built with materials that let in light but block rain, wind, and snow, and the room typically features large windows, which make for a nice view and keeps the room bright and airy. Built to provide a relaxing environment with floor-to-ceiling windows, the three seasons room gives you a place to relax and enjoy a scenic view while feeling cozy inside.

Covered Patios

A covered patio is a great way to add extra square footage to your home. It can be used as an extension of your living space, or it can also serve as a place for you to relax and dine outdoors with friends and family. The covered patio can be attached to the house or a free-standing structure outdoors, usually with open sides to let the natural light and fresh air in while giving you shade and protection from the rain and sun.

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Experienced Precision Craftsmanship

Glass Project Solutions offers you the best service for your sunroom and patio cover installation and repair. Our experienced team of craftsmen will help you design and install a custom sunroom or patio cover that meets your architectural demands, functional needs, and aesthetic requirements. We also extend our service to your existing sunrooms and patios that need repair and maintenance. We’ve worked with both residential and commercial clients across Kelowna and surrounding areas, providing them with precision craftsmanship and exceptional service—everything from simple repairs to complete replacement of sunroom and patio glass covers.

Professional Sunroom Cover Installation

Glass Project Solutions is an expert in all things related to sunroom and patio covers. Whether you’re looking for a new roof to be installed or need some window repair done on your current one, Glass Project Solutions has got you covered. With decades of experience in glass installation and repair, we have the skills required to handle any job that comes our way. Professionally servicing Kelowna, Vernon, Summerland, and surrounding areas for more than 25 years made us the leader in the industry. We get things done effectively and efficiently so everything’s completed without delays.

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Glass Project Solutions provides exceptional glass installation and repair works for your sunrooms and patio covers that fit all your needs from aesthetics to architectural design, safety, and comfort. The satisfaction of every customer means the most to us which is why we work hard to provide quality service to all the clients we serve.Whether your old sunroom cover need some repair or you need a new one installed, come to Glass Project Solutions and experience the precision craftsmanship and professional service that you deserve.