Glass Repair vs. Glass Replacement: Which Service Do You Need?

Glass plays a huge role in bringing a new life to your bathroom design. Whether you’re looking for glass shower enclosures, glass shower doors, and mirrors, Glass Project Solutions gives you endless possibilities of customizing your bathroom to your ideal taste. When it comes to bathroom design, the shower is one of the most critical […]

Glass Repair vs. Glass Replacement: Which Service Do You Need?

Sometimes when a glass piece or structure in your home you consider important gets broken, cracked, or chipped, you may find it difficult to let go of it. It may be something you spent a substantial amount on to install or have sentimental value. You will try to exhaust all efforts to restore the item […]

The Importance of Choosing a Trusted Glass Company for Your Renovation Needs

Choosing the glass company to work with is as important as knowing the style of glass product you want to be installed for your home renovation. If you want a replacement for your glass windows, glass railings, glass shower, or glass patio door, you shouldn’t only be interested in how you want the glass structures […]

Dos and Don’ts in Glass Installation

Glass installation may seem simple enough to be a DIY project. However, glass is a fragile and sensitive material to work with. Unlike steel, aluminum, wood, and other materials, glass requires extreme care in handling and processing. Minor mistakes can cost you dearly. Whether installing glass for the replacement of your windows, doors, or other […]

Your Guide to Window Repair and Replacement

While windows are built to last for a long time, they are not exempted from being broken, shattered, or dilapidated. No matter how well you maintain your windows at home, they will naturally deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. Don’t wait for serious damages before you undergo necessary window repair or replacement. If […]

How To Properly Maintain Glass Windows and Doors

Your glass windows and doors can make your home look new or worn down depending on how well you maintain them. However, for most people, glass window or door care is often delayed or even put off until something breaks which leads to unnecessary glass repair. Don’t wait for someone who repairs glass to tell […]