glass shower enclosure for your bathroom

Your shower enclosure can spell the difference between a bathroom with a stunningly great look and a common bathroom like all others. Since the bathroom is one of the major focal points in a home’s features, you should put a lot of attention to your choice of shower enclosure design and its installation.

Avoid shower curtains when you can. They aren’t just old fashioned and ordinary. They also present some disadvantages. They are difficult to clean and maintain. They are messy. When left wet, water can drip on the floor and encourage the growth of mold and the formation of mildew. Opaque shower curtains can also cause a feeling of being claustrophobic to some.

When remodeling your home, using a glass enclosure for your shower can instantly upgrade your bathroom, give it a modern elegant look, and add value to your property. Visual appeal isn’t the only reason you will want to use glass for showers. Installing a glass enclosure for your shower offers many other exciting benefits.

Why You Should Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

1. It promotes sophisticated aesthetic.

The glass enclosure around your shower creates a feeling of more open space compared to a restrictive shower curtain that makes the room feel narrow and confined. The use of glass for showers can immediately transform any bathroom into an elegant area that can become your home’s center of attention from guests.

2. It’s easy to clean.

Cleaning the shower and bathroom can be tedious and unpleasant especially when you have shower curtains or a bathroom that has no shower enclosure. That is not the case when you have a glass shower enclosure installed. Cleaning your shower becomes a breeze. All you need is a squeegee to clean it with preferably followed by a soft cloth for the clearest shine.

3. It prevents water seepage on the floor.

Your bathroom floor is spared from water splash with an enclosure that effectively closes and seals off your shower from the rest of our bathroom. Without water seepage into your tiles not only minimises the cleaning required but can also prevent serious problems over time.

4. Glass can be custom fit for your space.

Aside from the availability of standard shower enclosure designs, you can also have a professional glass service provider customise your panes to fit any specifications. No matter the size and shape of your shower area, the glass enclosure can be designed and cut for your specific needs.

5. Glass offers limitless design options.

Not only can your glass service provider give you a shower enclosure custom fit to your space, but there are also many options for glass, frame, and hardware that can satisfy your taste and complement your bathroom style. You can choose from clear transparent, frosted, tinted, or designed glass options. You can have your glass door framed or frameless. Stylish, durable, and functional hardware is available for you to use.

6. Enjoy high safety standards.

Glass showers are designed for safety. Glass for showers is typically tempered, thick, and safe to use. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass that is not prone to breaking in normal applications such as in glass doors. In the unlikely event it breaks, tempered glass shatters into pellet-like pieces and not into shards that can cause serious injury.

7. It enhances your home’s value.

Investing in an attractive glass shower to replace your old shower curtain or install an enclosure in your open shower is a wise decision. Your investment can go give your bathroom the boost it needs to enhance its visual appeal. Even if you don’t intend to sell your property, the bathroom improvement will provide your home with increased overall value.

Where to Buy Shower Glass

After you are convinced that glass for showers is the way to go in your bathroom upgrade project, you may be asking where to buy shower glass. Glass enclosure for showers is a special glass that should be suitable for the application. Glass panel thickness is generally 1/2”. For a glass door it is typically 3/8” (or a 10 mm equivalent) and 1/2” thickness. The frameless shower normally uses less thick glass than the panel for the panel to be stronger and more stable. Purchase your shower glass only from reputable manufacturers. A professional glass service provider can also let you know where to buy shower glass and even include buying it for you.

When you look for a glass service company that can help you with your glass shower project, contact Glass Project Solutions. We are glass experts with over 15 years of experience with glass structures that include glass shower enclosures. We have helped hundreds of Kelowna homeowners upgrade their bathrooms through our quality glass shower installation. Give us a call at +1 (778)760-1505 to find out how we can support your home improvement with our glass design and installation. We offer a free consultation.

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